A man who wished a Philippine President would die is now DEAD


Someone who kept wishing other people would die, even declaring that GRP is dead, is now dead. I neither wish ill nor death on others but I have very little sympathy for someone who constantly and rabidly attacked his own compatriots just because of their political views.

Now that you are dead, your supporters are carrying on the very same hypocrisy you loudly exhibited. Respect and deference to his family “daw”. They tolerated his hate speeches and his vindictiveness towards others who held differing views. When he was alive, he did not show deference nor respect for the families of people he wished to die. How would you feel if someone who has been harassing you for years – even as recently as a week ago – suddenly died?

More importantly, wishing for the President’s death is no laughing matter. Some people think we should just take it lightly. That would mean ignoring the fact that if the President died, the country will descend into chaos. The current VP is ill-equipped to do the job and cannot unite Filipinos.

Ultimately, we will all be remembered mainly for the last thing we did.

You became popular for promoting the Philippines and showing patriotism. Sadly, in the end, you will be remembered as someone who couldn’t face the consequences of his actions, someone who rabidly attacked his fellow Filipinos because they did not support Mar Roxas, and someone who turned his back on the Philippines.

You were a loud mouth and full of yourself. You did not respect other people’s right to privacy. You caused your own misery and your own demise. I do hope you find peace in the afterlife because you did not find it while you were alive. You wanted to drag others down with you.

We will all die; some just more spectacularly ironic than others.

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