Leni Robredo’s mouth goes WANG WANG again!

“Vice President” Leni Robredo is saying that the government should admit that there is a traffic crisis. Bizarre that she says this because (1) she is part of the government and (2) she was part of the Liberal Party that was in power just a few years ago and didn’t make any noise about the “transport crisis” back then.

Now that she is part of the current admin, she makes it appear she is not part of it by admonishing it via the media.

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Had Robredo been outraged like we were back then when President Noynoy Aquino said “Worsening traffic is a sign of booming economy”, the problem could have gotten more attention. Now everyone expects the current govt to make miracles happen.

If she were smart, she’d realise that the traffic problem cannot be solved in three years. How can one fix it in three years when major infrastructure has to be built to solve it or at least some measures taken to open up the exclusive villages to ease the bottlenecks?

Robredo should be careful. She insists she is the country’s “vice president” and if, God forbid, something happens to President Rodrigo Duterte, she will inherit all of these problems and become the person people will be demanding miracles from.

Even funnier, the best suggestion Leni can come up with is not even original.

What a laugh.

Hanggang wang-wang na lang talaga ang mga hunghang.

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