Is Meghan Markle emotionally blackmailing Prince Harry? #HarryandMeghan #Megxit

Meghan Markle started out as a cute addition to the royal family. We were told that she contributed modernity to an ancient institution and, many would point out, added a dash of “color” to it. Now, as it turns out, she may be altering it forever — shoveling in more than what the monarchy can swallow by adding America’s reality TV flavour to it.

Observers go as far as asserting that Meghan, in essence, kidnapped their son Archie who remains in Canada following a family holiday there. The child now seems to be a hook Meghan is now using to emotionally blackmail her husband Prince Harry who is now — and had been — forced to choose between his English family and his American wife.

To be fair, the media hasn’t been kind to Markle and the couple overall. Their every move was scrutinised and criticised. Then again, the media hasn’t been kind to the royal family for decades. Recall how Prince Charles’s partner Camilla Parker Bowles was relentless attacked for what the press described as her “horsey” face, or how Princess Diana died while being chased by the Paparazzi. The difference is that the crown took that all in the chin and responded with not much beyond the trademark English stiff upper lip and renowned stoic character.

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All that character is alien to Meghan’s American mind. America, after all, was created by people fleeing European monarchies. It was built to be everything England was not.

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