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Virtue signaller @Deeeeeeeeeeysi blames Duterte for troubles of man she boasted about helping

If you don’t know what virtue signalling means, the below thread is a classic example. Pinapakita na isa syang mabait at maawain.

The lady who tweeted this now has her account locked so the rest of the thread can’t be read. But it basically narrates how she went out of her way to help the man she described above. The problem is, she capped the series by blaming President Rodrigo Duterte for the man’s troubles!

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What the hell, right? Duterte didn’t even have anything to do with the guy’s problems but of course he had to be blamed. You want to help others? Do it without bragging.

Does Duterte have to fix everyone’s wretched existence? Sure there are a lot of sad stories out there, but this person is promoting a strong sense of entitlement mentality. No surprise the Philippines cannot progress because a lot of people think the govt has to take care of them.

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