Kiko Pangilinan suggests that Filipinos break the law by ousting Duterte through “people power”

On the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Philippines’ Liberal Party, Senator Kiko Pangilinan appealed to the Filipino public to overthrow the government. The lawmaker seems to be forgetting that, as an officer of the legislature, he is asking Filipinos to violate the law.

How else would one interpret Pangilinan when he says “there is no force that exceeds citizens who are one, take a stand, and take action”?

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This guy is out of touch with reality. The people are tired of being used. They are tired of “people power”. A return to such an obsolete practice as street “revolutions” will be a step back to political immaturity. The Philippines has been a democracy for decades and it’s time Filipinos do things properly and take accountability for the outcomes of the system they had signed up to.

The greatest exercise in a democracy are elections where ordinary people express their will and choice. To suggest that this institutional process can simply be overturned by a street mob is tantamount inciting anarchy and rebellion. The supporters of the Liberal Party should be ashamed of their leaders. To be a modern democracy entails a disciplined upholding of due process and applying power and action through legal channels. There is no room for childish political tantrums specially on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the Liberal Party.

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