The Opposition #OustDuterte movement to exploit the #coronavirus outbreak failed yet again

The Opposition is trying to have another go at this #OustDuterte advocacy of theirs. Every issue whether it is a natural calamity like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions or this latest coronavirus outbreak is, for them, an opportunity to pin the blame on current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte just to rile up the public. They never learn.

It is so ridiculous that just because there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in the Philippines, the Opposition already wants to oust Duterte. They expect him to be some kind of superhuman who can stop everything. Even First World leaders couldn’t stop it. They are playing the lame game again.

Social climbers think trending topics on social media reflect the will of the people. The irony of what they want flies over their heads. They can’t say respect the rule of law and oust a duly elected President at the same time.

The “thought leaders” of the Opposition love looking like fools. How many times have they attempted to oust Duterte? They deny being involved in the plot to remove the President in the past but are now openly advocating it. They should be charged for inciting sedition along with “vice president” Leni Robredo.

Even more baffling is their obsession with trending hashtags. Maybe it’s because the Opposition know they don’t have the numbers for another people power so they just do it on social media. They still do not realise it doesn’t work!

Just like in the past when they tried to use natural calamities and natural disasters to make Duterte look bad, the Opposition will end up looking like fools and lose what’s left of their dwindling credibility once the panic around the coronavirus dies down. They are full of BS.

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