#HarryandMeghan’s lack of sense of duty to country plus #MeFirst attitude equals #Megxit

The brouhaha created by now-former royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a clash of the narcissistic culture of today’s youth with timeless traditions of duty and the decline of a sense of belonging to something bigger than one’s self.

Harry doesn’t have a sense of duty. He has lost respect for The Crown. For her part, Meghan seems to be forcing Harry to choose between her and his duties. She should have known and accepted Harry’s role in the royal household before accepting his marriage proposal. Perhaps Harry and Meghan have been watching too many episodes of The Crown. Their latest drama seems to be inspired by the show.

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Meghan should have known what she was signing up to when she married Harry. She doesn’t get along with her own family and now can’t get along with her husband’s family. There’s an emerging pattern here that just can’t be ignored and Harry needs to get a grip and thinking further ahead than his immediate feelings at this moment.

Harry better hope she’s worth all this trouble. Nothing lasts forever. Blood is thicker than water. You can’t live on love alone. All those cliches are true.

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