Leni Robredo’s smiling photo with the Taal eruption relief goods backfires!

Photos of current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo posing in the middle of relief goods meant for the evacuees who fled their homes after Taal volcano erupted this week have been making its rounds on social media.

A lot of Netizens found the photos cringe-worthy because Robredo looked silly posing next to stacks of relief goods and, in one photo, pretending she was arranging them. It is reminiscent of losing Presidential candidate Mar Roxas doing all sorts of gimmicks like directing traffic and fixing a stool just for the photo opportunity. Roxas did it for years even before the campaign season started just to be visible to the voters. Unfortunately for him, these displays delivered no charm to the public and failed to win him any elections. In the same way, these similar stunts now aren’t working for Leni either.

Robredo looks pathetic especially with her trademark smile that makes her come across like an idiot. Why the heck would anyone smile in a situation like that? She’s supposed to be in a somber mood to show solidarity with the residents who had to leave their properties in a rush to safety.

I didn’t think Robredo would stoop this low just to get PR mileage. She’s using other people’s misfortune for her political ambition. She could be merely following the dictates of her PR officers and is too dumb to realise that the majority can see through the PR stunt. If she keeps going that, she’ll continue to be a national laughingstock over the foreseeable future.

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