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Seems like, out of nowhere, top Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio (a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog) is issuing a bit of a show-and-tell about getting one’s hair done at Bruno’s Barbers. In a post on Facebook, Laurio gushes… Guys, kung gusto niyong magpagupit, go to any Bruno barbershop today. Bonus Day nila ngayon. Basically, lahat ng kita…

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Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is not in jail because “the Supreme Court’s Third Division denied for lack of merit the petition for certiorari filed in 2008 by the late Solicitor General Frank Chavez.” Furthermore… “Petitioner having failed to establish the basis for this court to evaluate and review the facts in this case the…

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Jollibee gives Filipinos that familiar warm fuzzy feeling. One bite into a Jollibee burger sends us back in time and, for many, half way around the world back to a place of familiar sights, sounds, and smells. Make no mistake, however. The Jollibee franchise is a successful multinational enterprise. It didn’t get there by accident.…

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The Twitter profile of @RapplerDotCom shows that it is more a cult of personality than a true news media organisation. What other news outlet banners an image of its CEO as part of its brand collateral? What Rappler should really be doing is reporting the news, not lionising its CEO who stands accused for tax…

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The embattled CEO of Rappler continues her dramatics all the way to court to defend herself against tax evasion charges. In a recent tweet, Maria Ressa insisted that these are charges for crimes she “didn’t commit”. But, really, Ressa’s innocence or guilt on the matter of her tax evasion charges is not for anyone to…

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