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Online petition for Leni Robredo to RETIRE from politics CRUSHES Opposition call!

A petition for current “vice president” Leni Robredo to run for President in 2022 launched 4 days ago is being handily buried by a petition for Leni Robredo to retire from politics that was launched just 15 hours ago.

The petition Encourage VP Leni Robredo to RUN FOR PRESIDENT for the 2022 PH National Elections! launched on the 31st January this year has, as of this writing attracted just 11,603 signatures as of this writing. For its part, the petition We don’t like Leni as President which was launched yesterday, the 3rd of February (about 15 hours as of this writing) was already ticking along at 28,967 signatures.

Screenshots of petition sites taken within seconds of each other as of 1235h AEDST.

Interestingly enough, top Philippine broadsheet Inquirer featured only the earlier pro-Robredo petition in a tweet today — the real news of how this petition was being crushed by an alternative one seemingly missed by its newsdesk…

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LOOK: Supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo launched an online petition 'I Am Ready For Leni' which aims to convince the VP to run for president in the 2022 elections. According to the Facebook page, over 7,000 have already signed as of 6 am, Feb. 4.

… effectively highlighting the real point we make today — the selective nature of news “reporting” that mainstream Big Corporate Media deliver to its clueless audience. Small wonder that Filipinos have all but lost confidence in their traditional “journalists”.

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