Twitter account @PinoyAkoBlog mysteriously DISAPPEARS!

It seems popular Yellowtard social media personality Jover Laurio’s Twitter account @PinoyAkoBlog had mysteriously disappeared from Twitter. Even more mysterious is how major Opposition “thought leaders” are seemingly tight-lipped on the matter — almost as if they had all agreed to maintain “radio silence” about this. Leaks from other curious Netizens are emerging but information on the matter is coming only in small trickles at the moment.

Hey Twitter! #BringBack@PinoyAkoBlog

Laurio’s Facebook page is still online. However, the last post there as of this writing was published 19 hours ago.

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Considering it’s been 19 hours and no shrill clucking and raising hell about what normally would be the most recent outrage fad coming from Laurio’s cliques of amigas can be found anywhere, the plot is likely to thicken. This is clearly a developing story but even mainstream Big Corporate Media have not picked this up.

For now, the mystery persists. We’ve reached out to Inquirer columnist John Nery — a good friend of Laurio — for comment. Let’s not hold our breath, though. He may be in on the media blackout.


Within half hour of publication of this post, Twitter account of @PinoyAkoBlog had become accessible. Most recent tweet of said account as of this update was 21 hours ago.

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