Front page of Philippine Daily Inquirer CRAMMED with fluff pieces about Noynoy Aquino!

Above is a screenshot of the online edition of the Inquirer as of the 25th June 2021. It’s got all sorts of fluff pieces about the late former President Noynoy Aquino who died yesterday, the 24th. Yellowtard media is certainly doing its darndest to make up for the absence of one of their key henchmen, ABS-CBN News which is off the analog airwaves thanks to the failure of its CEO Carlo Katigbak to assure his shareholders renewal of his company’s broadcast license last year.

Rather than make commemoration of a former president following his death a tasteful affair, they’ve tipped the occasion over into the realm of garapal. No surprise that Aquino is recognised as being primarily instrumental in the running aground of the entire Yellow political brand.

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Seems there are lots of lessons the Yellowtards have not learned. An important one of those is nuance and subtlety. These are virtues particularly relevant in this election year where politicians will be treading a branding minefield — tiptoeing around Yellow bombs, in particular, that can explode and fatally damage entire campaigns if not handled with care.

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