Leni Robredo is so dumb that she INSISTS on being the Opposition presidential bet for 2022

In an interview with “journalist” Barnaby Lo on Viewpoint last night, “vice president” Leni Robredo confirmed that she personally believes that she should be the single presidential candidate of the Opposition for the 2022 elections.

In her usual Taglish while flashing her characteristic smirk, Robredo explains why she should be president.

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Ang tanong kasi, ano ba yung mga at stake in these elections? So if we don’t unite, that would ensure that the next six years after 2022 medyo pareho pa den. Sa kind of governance that we are having now, and gusto pa din natin yon?

So para sa ‘kin, yon ang considerations, either ako yung mag-ra-run, somebody else… pero ako I feel so strongly that… isa lang.

It’s one thing that Robredo is stupid enough to ignore the data describing her dismal potential winnability. But here is exhibited the more important issue — that she is completely inept at articulating her value as a candidate, not just to the Filipino voter but to her own party. She’ll need a lot of luck convincing other ambitious polticians in the Opposition to make way for her candidacy.

Top Opposition bloc 1Sambayan is set to announce its candidates on June 12. It seems Robredo has fired the second shot, one she will have inadvertently aimed at former “senator” Antonio Trillanes who, some weeks ago, fired the first in an attempted a coup vs Robredo for the top Opposition spot. For now, with just two Opposition horses racing to the bottom, it’s a Dumb vs Dumb comedy act.

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