Duterte’s birthday lechon CANCELLEDT by Yellowtards and communists!

Is lechon (roast suckling pig) served during Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s birthday dinner a big deal? Apparently the Yellowtards (paritsans rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cjuangco clan) think so. They’ve been feasting on Duterte’s birthday lechon meal all day on social media. Just counting the number of times Duterte’s birthday is mentioned on Twitter, for example, you’d think the Yellowtards are actually celebrating it more than Duterte’s own supporters!

(Link to original tweet here)

But, see, Duterte is no ordinary Filipino. He is President of the Philippines. He can at least celebrate his birthday with his family and have a bit of lechon for the occasion. It’s no different to how other Filipinos and other people around the world cope with their respective individual situations. The poor have their little salu-salos amongst themselves. The middle and upper middle classes have their tea times, afternoon patio soirees, and palamons among friends, and the rich jet off to their beach resorts to chill. The President of the Philippines, for his part, has his birthday lechon at his home in Davao City.

Is that a cause for the shrill outrage the Yellowtards are inciting?

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Not at all. But, see, the Yellowtards have lots of time and brain space available to do all that — because they couldn’t be bothered to focus on more important things like coming up with an intelligent campaign platform, finding a credible leader, and developing a winning strategy for the coming 2022 elections. No. They’d rather devote their energies in that easy space where their amigas and their circle of titas can kick back and exchange screeching one-liners about the President’s Birthday Lechon.

So we go wonder why the Philippines does not progress — it is because the nation’s foremost “thought leaders” are today feasting on Duterte’s lechon.

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