#GetRealPhilippines is a TROVE of election analysis going back to 2010

Election fever is officially kicked off and everyone is locked-and-loaded for the media circus coming to town — everyone, that is, but the Yellowtard- and communist-led Philippine Opposition who to, this day, can only hope for a “maybe” (as former Inquirer editor John Nery puts it in his piece today) as far as bagging a decent Senate seat booty at the very least.

There is, as a matter of fact, lots of lessons from the past that could be applied to the “cause” of winning an election legally. GRP is organised to make those lessons readily-accessible to anyone willing to take the trouble to look and learn. We’ve tagged our articles using a consistent convention that allows articles to be organised and browsed around election years:

Election 2010
Election 2013
Election 2016
Election 2019
Election 2022

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Note that 2010 election articles are not as well-tagged as in subsequent years as Get Real Post was still new at the time and we were not as consistent in the use of our tag name conventions back then.

One other hot research tip: You can click on other tags to call up article references to other topics. One good one, for example, is the tag “outrage fad” which brings up a set of articles that collectively describe the Yellowtards’ and communists’ history of latching onto unintelligent media circuses to further their dishonest political agendas.

Another good tag for researching the Yellowtards’ sorry record of developing intelligent campaign platforms is “platform plez”. Platform Plez started out as a voter education initiative back in 2009 that sought to improve focus on issues-based campaigning and took to task politicians and parties to present proper campaign platforms that could be subject to examination and provide intelligent material to uplift the national political rhetoric.

Sharpen your pencils people! There’s always room to change the way Filipinos regard national elections. It is up to us to move the national debate away from the brain-dead and downright dishonest way the Yellowtards and communists would prefer Filipino voters think through how they decide who to vote for. Philippine democracy is served well by a competent and modern Opposition. Sadly, the current one led by the Yellowtards and communists don’t fit that bill.

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