Liza Soberano cannot save the Philippines – certainly not with her tweets

Filipino showbiz starlet Liza Soberano tweets something about the “plight” of Filipinos in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of Yellowtardom gush to the high heavens. If we examine the substance of in Soberano’s tweets, we will find that there is none — or at least nothing that is original. All there is are mere platitudes — stuff that could have easily been regurgitated from 12-months’ worth of “thought leader” whining about COVID that even a Grade 1 student could tap out.

America has received 2 rounds of stimulus already, waiting on the 3rd. Covid testing is free, vaccination is free. Where is the support for the poor in our country? Madali lang naman po mag stay at home if everyone has food on the table and money to pay the bills.

Why is it that when an ordinary person — even one with far more intellectual creds — than a celebrity says something, it goes largely unheeded? Get a celeb to say practically the same thing, and wokedom is agush with kudos as if no less than the Dalai Lama himself uttered those words.

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Liza Soberano. That’s the tweet.

No-brainer, of course. Celebrity makes Philippine politics tick. Classic political commentators and pundits nowadays are too lazy to come up with original or groundbreaking insight that could put current issues under a new light. Instead, they defer to the trite sound bytes issued by starlets like Liza Soberano. Small surprise then that all Filipinos end up with are the dysfunctional showbiz politics we see today. Fair enough, right? The circus is in town and the showbiz assets of the Philippines’ media kingmakers are being mobilised. Soberano is the first among them and we can reasonably expect more to be coming soon.

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