Indeed, the Yellowtards are stupid for taking Duterte’s jetski “promise” literally

Looking back, one can easily observe that the only people who took an alleged “promise” made by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during his campaign to ride a jetski to the South China Sea to confront China literally are the Yellowtards. So seriously did they take this “promise” that they even used it as fodder for the campaign of their Otso Diretso coalition back in the 2019 national elections.

The only thing dumber than a 'promise' to ride a jetski to the South China Sea is to actually do it.

At the moment the Yellowtards have a new sound byte around which to throw a mutual high-fivin’ party. In a recent press conference Duterte reportedly called “stupid” anyone who believed his jetski “promise”.

'Panahon ‘yan sa kampanya ‘yan. At saka ‘yung biro na ‘yun, ‘yung bravado ko, it was a pure campaign joke at kung naniniwala kayo sa kabila, I would say you are really stupid,' Duterte said. @DYGalvezINQ

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Indeed, he is right. While the Yellowtards try to spin this to make one believe that Duterte was referring to his legions of followers when he made that statement, one would be hard-pressed to find an example of any “Duterte Die-hard Supporter” (DDS) who actually believed Duterte would ride a jetski into the sea. The facts reveal quite the opposite. This jetski promise was quoted ad nauseum by the Yellowtards in their tirades against Duterte since he ascended power in 2016.

But the real joke here is on the bozos who made up the Otso Diretso coalition who made fools of themselves using this gag as material for a lame publicity stunt. The results are in the historical record.

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