Leni Robredo’s continued dithering on her candidacy proof of her DISRESPECT for her constituents

The mere thought that Leni Robredo id considering endorsing either Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao or Isko Moreno if they run is indicative of her lack of principled conviction, which is what she’s been touting since 2015. The defeat of Mar Roxas signaled that the mantle of leadership of the Liberal Party is on her shoulders. She […]

Yellowtards cheering PDP-Laban infighting to distract Filipinos from hopeless Opposition prospects for 2022

The editor-in-chief of the Star is all riled up. If you believe what she’s writing then nothing good came out in five years and it’s all been killings, corruption and cronyism. In her piece “The Duterte playbook”, Ana Marie Pamintuan asserts how, following the ascent to power of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, the Philippines […]

Leni Robredo is so dumb that she INSISTS on being the Opposition presidential bet for 2022

In an interview with “journalist” Barnaby Lo on Viewpoint last night, “vice president” Leni Robredo confirmed that she personally believes that she should be the single presidential candidate of the Opposition for the 2022 elections. On #Viewpoint moments ago… Me: “So the major factor in deciding to run for president is if it’s only you […]

Opposition still FOOLISHLY betting on Leni Robredo despite “narrow path” to 2022 election win

Referring to Inquirer former editor John Nery in his piece today “The opposition’s narrow, viable path”, I agree with the narrow but where’s the viability? Nery’s prognosis banks on the imagined gravitas he imagines is lent by the usual suspects to the Yellowidiots’ “cause”… At the Media and Politics Forum my class hosted last Friday, […]

Former coup plotters possibly in bed with Salim Group businesses could be backing Opposition bets for 2022

It would appear that MVP really has an axe to grind against the Duterte administration. The linkages are hard to ignore. Magdalo is the new RAM with the difference being it has been able to establish a stronger political base. Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao today asks, “Trillanes’ Magdalo putschists behind retired generals’ anti-Duterte group?”. […]

Silence following Trillanes’s @1Sambayan coup vs Robredo bodes ill for Opposition prospects in 2022

I don’t get it. Despite their best efforts in the last five years and with no clear uptick in her approval and trust ratings, they still won’t stop singing paeans of praise to Vice President Leni Robredo. Former Inquirer editor John Nery, for example, in his piece “VP Leni’s crucial pandemic response”, writes… It was […]

CamSur beckons: Leni Robredo dishonestly leading Opposition on with her uncertain presidential bid

For once, the good Professor is a source of valuable information. In his Manila Times piece today “Hot and spicy Camarines Sur politics”, Antonio “Tonton” Contreras writes… If there is any appearance of hesitation on [Vice President Leni] Robredo’s part, it is probably a ruse by the political opposition. A premature announcement by Robredo would […]

Leni Robredo is the Philippines’ biggest gaslighter — probably suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I thought this was a column piece of substance considering its author is a former Secretary of Foreign Affairs. In “The social media imperative” published on the Philippine Star, Roberto Romulo writes of “trolls”… “It was these ‘warriors’ on social media who delivered the presidency to Duterte, who won with over 16.6 million votes–convincingly and […]

Shallow leadership pool: F. Sionil Jose endorses Carpio-Gibo team but Marcos-Duterte tandem looks like a winner for now

The national artist for literature F. Sionil Jose qualifies his praise of Duterte for his detractors in his piece today, “Wisdom from my doctors”. They read, but didn’t comprehend his words. This is par for the course in this day and age where a long read is disdained and even if read, the comprehension quotient […]

Carpio-Robredo tandem in the cards for Yellowtard push into Malacanang in 2022

Yellowidiots exist in their own ecosystem. Former President Fidel Ramos won as President with only 23% of the vote. Yet they claimed that it was the majority. Never mind that the Marcos vote was split between Danding Cojuangco and Imelda Marcos. In 1998, Joseph “Erap” Estrada won with the largest margin in PH electoral history. […]