DFA diplomatic passport brouhaha proves Leni Robredo is “vice president” of the Yellows and NOT of all 100 million Filipinos

The supporters of current “vice president” Leni Robredo are coming to her rescue after Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin called her stupid. They are now trying to make her look like a “victim”. She may not have used derogatory terms but her actions were also disrespectful to Locsin.

In an ideal world, DFA Sec Teddy Boy Locsin shouldn’t have called her “boba” or stupid. But also in an ideal world, Leni shouldn’t be berating another member of the executive branch via the media. She should be discussing her views during a meeting or in private.

If there is one thing the yellows are good at, for their part, it’s playing the victim card. It doesn’t matter to them how many times they called Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte names and tried to seek foreign intervention to help oust him. The minute one of their own is called out for being stupid, they cry foul.

The recent exchange of unpleasantness between two top-level members of the executive branch of government highlights how problematic the Cory constitution is for Filipinos. The fact that a VP from the Opposition was voted in promotes dysfunctional behaviour. All Leni does is criticise the government all of which is lapped up by her cheering squad as best exemplified by this gem from “social media influencer” Noemi Dado

The fate of 22 fishermen involved in the Recto Bank incident is more important than the tirades of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., Vice President Leni Robredo […] this is class

No. The fate of over 100 million Filipinos is more important than Leni’s political career. Trouble is, Robredo doesn’t look out for the majority. She is “vice president” of the Yellows first before all the rest. She only latches on to trending issues or controversies and use these as fodder against Duterte before the cameras hoping to rile up the public against him. It’s high time the Opposition come up with a better strategy than that stupid approach.

Rather than act and position herself like a damsel in distress Leni Robredo should be BADASS

A “vice president” is supposed to lead courageously. But instead of stepping up to be that bold leader, Leni Robredo is settling into the comfy embrace of her supporters who are treating her like a damsel in distress.

This is not the sort of leader Filipinos need. For 30 years the “suffering servant” persona of Yellowtard politicians dominated the popular archetype of “decency”. Not surprisingly this whole charade eventually fell flat on its face and lost the once formidable Yellowtard bloc an entire nation.

Nonetheless, Robredo is the “vice president” and is not paid to talk. She’s paid to be ready to take over as president in the event Duterte is incapacitated. The question is, can she lead the Filipino people? Damsels in distress don’t lead, unfortunately. They just whine and crave sympathy as a matter of habit.

Leni Robredo is the source of all stupidity in the Philippines

How did Leni Robredo become “vice president” of the Philippines? Not because of any demonstrated ability to lead an entire nation. All it took was the same emo campaign that her Yellowtard followers had become famous (and now infamous) for. That same emo campaign, specifically the emotionally rich but intellectually hollow narrative that serves as its foundation, is what doomed an entire political Opposition this year.

Imagine the Philippines ruled by a President Leni Robredo. What would be her vision for the Philippines? How would she describe a Philippines, say, in six years after she finishes her term? What will she have achieved?

When she ran for vice president in the 2016 elections, Robredo’s primary pitch to voters was that she is the polite choice. For that matter, the Liberal Party, as they’ve in the couple of years previous to that election branded themselves around the now-discredited Yellow political persona that characterised the last 30 years, was regarded as the only polite political choice. As such, the LP and Robredo were the easy choices for those who were too lazy to think. And, as is evident now, academic intelligence does not make one immune to the strong temptation to succumb to lazy thinking.

Proof of the power of lazy thinking and, its cousin, the notion of voting for the “lesser evil” is in how many voters who voted current President Rodrigo Duterte president in 2016 bizarrely chose Robredo to be his vice president. Many may had since realised the error in their choice but, unfortunately, not the underlying error in the thinking that led to that choice.

Robredo therefore serves as Filipino Stupidity Embodied. A tragic caricature that illustrates the worst of the products of the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution — a national charter that was crafted by eminent paranoid delusional personalities that passed off as normal at the time.

Filipinos need Robredo today. They need to behold the “vice president” their lazy thinking had created. One can only hope that in beholding this poignant political abomination, future generations of Filipinos would be reminded of the perils of the cancerous victim mentality and hero addiction that afflicts their national psyche.

Teddy Locsin shouldn’t have called “vice president” Leni Robredo “BOBA”

To be fair, one would expect a bit more of Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin. He is, after all, a seasoned public servant and an articulate newspaper columnist. For a man of his skills and experience, one would think he’d find far more eloquent and more uppity ways to point out just how stupid Leni Robredo is.

Locsin could have, instead, described Robredo as a daft ineffectual government executive who is occupying expensive taxpayer-funded space and taking oxygen from the atmosphere without giving back proportionate useful value to people who could’ve put that important gas to more productive use.

If I were Robredo, I wouldn’t attract too much attention to myself considering her claim to the Office of the Vice President remains debatable to this day. She is but a mere beneficiary of the influence wielded by her party over the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) back in 2016 after it failed to comply with an important election guideline that would have resulted in her disqualification from the elections. More importantly her “win” in that election currently remains in dispute owing to allegations of electoral fraud.

Leni Robredo blew what could have been a great working relationship with President Duterte.

The most important point of all is that Robredo had long ago epically blown her bid to be a respected member of the Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte. This is thanks to her inability to recognise that she is “vice president” of all Filipinos and not just of the Yellowtards. Big lesson there, but unfortunately one Robredo failed to take heed of.

Why Teddy Locsin was right when he called Leni Robredo “BOBA”

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Terry Locsin recently called “vice president” Leni Robredo boba.

“Will someone please do her the kindness to give her a brain? Here I am trying to do what’s right, which is to restrict diplomatic passports to real existing working diplomats so as not to devalue them abroad—and not pass them out as favors to retirees and friends,” Locsin said.

“Hey boba, that is precisely why I have ordered the cancellation of all courtesy diplomatic passports because I refuse to single out Del Rosario,” Locsin said in a tweet reacting to a news report on Robredo’s comments.

Some say Locsin was being “disrespectful” while others say he was right on the money.

Robredo, after all, comes across as really dumb for commenting on every issue and seeing it as an offence against anyone she thinks is being “persecuted” by the Duterte government. Her bias against Duterte compels her to always be on the defensive. She doesn’t think before speaking. She should mind her own business.

Now her followers are up in arms at the remarks Foreign Affairs Secretary Terry Locsin made about her. By calling her the Tagalog equivalent of “dimwit”, Locsin merely pointed out that Robredo shouldn’t be chiming in on things she knows very little about.

The “vice president” doesn’t learn from her previous gaffes because she only listens to her followers. She doesn’t reflect on what her critics are saying. She’s a female version of former President Noynoy Aquino. Members of the Cabinet were all appointed to do a job. She should focus on doing hers.

Leni Robredo shows lack of faith in Filipinos by seeking foreign intervention into Philippine affairs

Once again “vice president” Leni Robredo proves that she never was part of the Philippine government. Rather than set an example to the Filipino people by exhibiting faith in the ability of their country, their government, and their institutions to sort out its own domestic problems, Robredo shows a sick inclination to reach out to the devices of former colonial masters.

It totally escapes Robredo just how inappropriate her words are in reportedly calling for a foreign “human rights council” to meddle in what is clearly the jurisdiction of a Philippine court as well as every institution involved in the Philippines’ criminal justice system.

Kung totoo na walang human rights violations dito, bakit sasalungatin natin iyong imbestigasyon? Kasi ‘di ba, mas mabuti ngang pinapakita natin na wala tayong tinatago kaysa haharangin natin?

Robredo is, in effect, encouraging Filipinos to place their trust in a foreign entity, the United Nations Human Rights Council, to rule on what is clearly a case that can be resolved using their existing and hard-fought-for democratic institutions.

Robredo can’t seem to get past her scheming ways.

Perhaps it is indeed true. Robredo did not win the vice presidency in 2016 and is only in power thanks to the machinations of her partisan camp. This is evident in the attitude she exhibits towards her own people’s government.

Leni Robredo insults Filipino soldiers by lauding “brave” Filipino celebrities “fighting” for Filipinos

Yellows are desperately clinging on to any celebrity who criticises the current admin because a lot of the yellow celebrities like Jim Paredes and Kris Aquino who criticised Duterte in the past have been discredited and have lost their clout. Any celebrity will do even if irrational.

The damage being wrought by the Yellows on Philippine society continues because they still encourage Filipinos to seek wisdom from showbiz personalities — a habit that has resulted in a profound intellectual bankruptcy that now grips Philippine society. A recent tweet by “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez, for example, is now being put up as a rallying point to mobilise support for the flagging hopes for a victory in this year’s elections of the Opposition coalition Otso Diretso.

Indeed, quick to chime in on the celebrity “thought leadership” craze now rippling across Yellowtardom is no less than “vice president” Leni Robredo herself who reportedly “lauded entertainers for speaking up on national issues, such as the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).”

“I’m inspired that there are celebrities who have the courage,” Robredo said in Filipino. “It’s not easy for those who find the courage to speak up because they’re vulnerable to attack. These people are brave for saying what’s on their mind.”

Not only does Robredo contribute to the dumbing down of an entire society by anointing showbiz personalities as its foremost gurus, she sets an astonishingly low bar with regard to notions of what constitutes being “brave”.

Small surprise that Filipinos continue to middle along in mediocrity. Blame their celebrities and “thought leaders” like Robredo for propagating such ululations.

Leni Robredo calls for control and regulation of social media!

Perhaps finally recognising her utter lack of any wit to apply to the art of social media warfare, the Philippines’ “vice president” has decided to take the easy self-entitled route and suggest that it be censored instead. In a statement given to the media the other day, Leni Robredo reportedly called for legislation to be crafted to achieve this end.

Kailangan talaga iyong Kongreso magpasa ng mga batas na kahit paano may control saka regulation iyong mga post sa social media. Kailangan iyong mga social media networks gaya ng Facebook, ng Instagram, pati nga YouTube, kailangan magkaroon ng regulation…

Translated: “Congress should pass laws to control and regulate posts on social media. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube should be regulated.”

To be fair, Robredo has struggled since Day One of her ascent to high-profile politician to manage her public persona. Despite being pitched as the stereotypical humble public servant she has been the subject of ridicule by a public grown weary of this unoriginal narrative.

The irony that seems to escape Robredo is that the seeds of the 1986 Yellowtard “revolution” were sown in an environment in which media was tightly-controlled. History has shown that information finds a way to get to those who seek it. In the case of the 1980s, videos and published material from foreign sources were routinely smuggled into the Philippines and disseminated to fuel the “revolution”.

If that circumventing of media controls was possible in the analogue 80s imagine the impossibility of depriving the public of information in the digital 21st Century. Robredo, yet again, exhibits the very dumbness that attracted the thriving Robredo meme industry that prompted her to call for social media censorship to begin with.

This is the reason the Opposition fail to win elections nowadays. It is because they rely on stupid “thought leaders”. They should re-evaluate their strategy and distance themselves from people who make them look stupid.

Misleading @gmanews report by Llanesca T. Panti is inciting hatred for foreign workers among Filipinos

A report published on the GMA News Online website states, “Illegal foreign workers should not be allowed to steal jobs from Filipinos, Vice President Leni Robredo said Tuesday.” However there seems to be nothing in what is quoted verbatim from Robredo’s statements in the report itself that shows she was referring to illegal aliens when she hinted that foreign workers “steal jobs” from Filipinos.

Did Llanesca T. Panti, author of the report LIE? If she did, then this is a grossly irresponsible piece of journalism that should not be tolerated.

Panti also reports in the same GMA News Online story that “President Rodrigo Duterte said that illegal Chinese workers in the country can stay since deporting them could mean a backlash for Filipinos who are working in China.” However a report published on The Philippine Star quotes Duterte verbatim:

“Iyong mga Chinese dito hayaan mo ‘yan na dito magtrabaho. Hayaan mo (Allow the Chinese here to work. Let them),” Duterte said in his speech during the campaign rally of PDP-Laban in Laguna.

Clearly, nowhere in his statement did Duterte suggest that “illegal Chinese workers in the country can stay” as Panti reported on GMA News Online.

This is a case of media deliberately spreading disinformation about an important issue that could cause unnecessary animosity between Filipinos and both guest foreign workers and permanent residents of foreign origin living among them.

This is both irresponsible and dishonest journalism and should be dealt with by the management of GMA News Online immediately.

Filipino-Chinese community should call out Leni Robredo for her prejudice against ethnic Chinese people

Filipino-Chinese community should rally against Leni Robredo and the rest of the Liberal Party for their hasty generalisation against Chinese people after a Chinese lady threw a cup of taho on a policeman. A single incident made them conclude all Chinese are disrespectful to Filipinos!

If we follow Leni’s logic, then it is ok for members of the international community to label all Filipinos stupid because of the behaviour of individual Filipinos who travel abroad and misbehave. Indeed, the world is full of Filipinos overstaying their visas and residing and working in their host countries illegally — which is why the Philippine passport is now worth less than the paper it is printed on!

A lot of Filipinos actually get butt-hurt when members of the international community make fun of Pinoy behaviour in the Philippines or abroad. They are the first to say not to generalise and label all Filipinos this and that. But now we have our own “vice president” Leni Robredo accusing all Chinese of being disrespectful.