Leni Robredo incites to sedition whenever she publicly undermines President Duterte

Current Philippine “Vice President” Leni Robredo is quite often in the news criticising President Rodrigo Duterte. People who support Duterte can’t get past the fact that all she does is criticise him.

“Robredo questions this and that”.

“Robredo recommends this and that”.

“Robredo criticises govt policy on this and that”.

Robredo is telling everyone she can do a better job than the President. Her lack of delicadeza is always on display. She has no sense of propriety!

Have you ever heard of any Vice President or second-in-command who routinely questions the decisions of the President or leader in public? It only happens in the Philippines and is only because Leni Robredo is too dense to realise she shouldn’t be undermining the President. What Leni is doing is called sedition.

Article 142 of the Revised Penal Code states…

Inciting to Sedition. – The penalty of prision correctional in its maximum period and a fine not exceeding 2,000 pesos shall be imposed upon any person who, without taking any direct part in the crime of sedition, should incite others to the accomplishment of any of the acts which constitute sedition, by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, cartoons, banners, or other representations tending to the same end, or upon any person or persons who shall utter seditious words or speeches, write, publish, or circulate scurrilous libels against the Republic of the Philippines…

Just recall how Robredo, in a video addressed to the UN in 2017 made so many unfair and unfounded remarks about the Philippines government — her own government that she is a part of!

Even without the testimony of “Bikoy” or any other so-called whistleblower, clearly there are grounds to accuse Robredo of seditious acts.

Cory Aquino exploited Filipino emotionalism to become president then set up the Philippines for disaster

“Vice president” Leni Robredo disagrees with President Rodrigo Duterte’s opinion of ex-Pres. Cory Aquino — that the latter only became popular after former Senator Ninoy Aquino died. But of course Robredo would disagree. She herself only became popular after her own husband died. She’s also delusional like Cory. She has delusions of grandeur.

A lot of people agree in hindsight that Cory should never have been installed as President because, one, she stayed in Boston for years and did not have the residency in the Philippines required to qualify. Two, she didn’t have a platform nor policy to bring the country from Third World to First.

Those who pushed Cory to run were simply emotional and did not think about the consequences of putting up someone inexperienced to run a country. The result was a disaster that lasted for more than 30 years. Her Presidency set the country back and continues to trail our ASEAN neighbors to this day.

The @WashingtonPost “Editorial Board” is calling for US President Donald Trump to intervene in the Philippines

It seems the “Editorial Board” of the chi chi Washington Post is calling on United States president Donald Trump to intervene into what it describes as “the Philippines’ slide toward authoritarianism”.

It’s time for the Trump administration to adopt a new approach toward Mr. Duterte. A good first step would be to demand that the charges against Ms. Robredo and other opposition leaders be dropped.

Much of the “facts” it cites to back its position remain hopelessly debatable, however…

Since his election in 2016, Mr. Duterte’s so-called war on drugs has killed more than 6,600 narcotic users and dealers. Activists estimate that more than 27,000 mainly low-income and marginalized individuals have also been caught in the crossfire. Only one of the murders has resulted in the conviction of the police officers at fault. Now, for criticizing this shocking record, Ms. Robredo and other critics may face criminal prosecution.

All sound familiar? That is because these are all snippets of the prescribed campaign mantra of the current Philippine Opposition — the very fodder for an electoral bid that resulted in a catastrophic loss for its entire eight-candidate coalition this year.

This also presents a conundrum to the snowflakes that lead the Philippines’ “liberal” Opposition camps. Embrace Trump’s support if he decides to heed the Post’s call? Perhaps anything will do as long as it contributes to their end goal — to fast track their bid for a re-taking of Imperial Manila’s halls of power from Mindanao’s Dark Horse.

Manila Mayor @IskoMoreno should serve as an example to “vice president” @LeniRobredo

Looks like Isko Moreno has been preparing for his stint as Manila City Mayor and started his term sprinting to success. I admire his patience waiting during the previous mayor’s corruption-riddled term even though he was probably cringing at the lack of progress while Vice Mayor.

Leni Robredo should learn from Moreno. While he was Vice Mayor, Moreno didn’t talk bad about then Mayor Joseph Estrada and didn’t try to steal his thunder. He waited patiently for his turn to implement his ideas. In contrast, Leni tries so hard to put current President Rodrigo Duterte down — as if she has better ideas.

It just goes to show that Robredo does not have the patience and foresight needed to be a great leader. She can’t even lead her own political party. The only reason she became popular is because the media helped push her profile up after her husband died tragically during Noynoy’s term

Why is it so hard to find public servants like Isko Moreno in the Philippines? It has become apparent that most public servants only want the perks and connections that come with the job like getting kick backs from mafia groups who extort money from businesses instead of serving.

Until public servants in the Philippines become selfless like Isko Moreno, prioritise the interests of the public, and focus on results, majority of Filipinos will suffer in mediocrity.

Leni Robredo DELUSIONAL, applauds Makati Business Club favourable “satisfaction rating”

But of course Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo would welcome the results of a Makati Business Club (MBC) survey “showing [the Office of the Vice President] satisfaction rating [going] up at 75 percent”. That’s selective recognition for you. Of course that does not change anything about recent survey results coming from professional polling firms SWS and Pulse Asia showing “satisfaction ratings” for Robredo at 28 and 55 percent respectively.

Nonetheless, Robredo is ecstatic

“Ang laking ginhawa para din sa amin kasi nag-umpisa talaga kami medyo sadsad, nag-umpisa kami halos wala. Talaga unti-unti sinubukan natin ayusin,” Robredo said in her weekly program over radio station dzXL.

(This is a big relief for us because we really started from the bottom, we began with almost nothing. We really tried to fix the office little by little.)

Not so fast Madam “vice president”. The fact is, the Makati Business Club is hardly the disinterested objective party any normal person would trust to issue “satisfaction” reports. This is a group that is yellow as Yellow gets with no less than noted Rapplerette Patricia Evangelista describing it back in 2010 as a group consisting of “people who say Aquino can simply hire as many technocrats and advisers as he needs.”

The MBC poll is also based on the opinion of “100 business executives, representing 100 companies in the Philippines”. It seems Robredo conveniently turns her back on the views of the ordinary Filipinos that are reflected in the SWS and Pulse surveys and embraces those of the chi chi respondents of the MBC when convenient.

So, yeah, whatever you say Madam ‘Veep’. You believe who and what you choose to believe.

It is Leni Robredo’s 2017 UN video — not “Bikoy” — that CRUSHED the Philippine Opposition

The Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition continue to whine about their troubles and go on a blaming rampage rather than compete for success. Despite the error in their previous “Bikoy” viral video stunt, they continue to harp about the consequences they now feel following the failure of that dishonest initiative.

No less than the Inquirer editor elaborates on this idiotic position today…

Authorities had an interesting reaction to the videos’ allegations. Instead of investigating the veracity of Bikoy’s claims, law enforcement set about seeking to unmask the hooded figure…

When will these Yellowtard “thought leaders” get it into their heads that the police cannot simply act on the dubious information presented in a set of sketchy YouTube videos!

Perhaps then if they prefer to see things that way, we should look back to 2017 when their supposed “leader”, Leni Robredo, so-called “vice president” of the Philippines, released a far more official video where she aired — in front of delegates of the United Nations, no less — far more astounding slanderous lies about her own country.

Click here to view video.

Why not investigate that?

Perhaps to shore up their credibility, the Philippine Opposition need to rethink their irrational loyalty and deference to the Yellowtards. It’s time they join the rest of us in the 21st Century and turn their backs on that primitive victimhood-stoking ideology.

Recall Leni Robredo’s treasonous 2017 video address to the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Recall the message “vice president” Leni Robredo delivered by recorded video to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs back in March 2017 at the Vienna Convention Centre.

In this video, Robredo, with a smirk on her face, sought to invite foreign intervention into what she suggested is an unjust “war” being waged by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines.

(Above video can also be viewed on Facebook.)

That no less than the supposed “vice president” of the Philippines, the second highest official of the executive branch of its government, would suggest before an international conference that her own government is engaged in criminal activity is absolutely awful.

Much of what Robredo said in this video was at the time and even now, unverified information and could even be flat out lies.

Filipinos should not forget how their own “vice president” slandered their country and their government before this UN body.

Leni Robredo must pay the price if found guilty of sedition!

As expected, supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo are dismissing the recent charges of sedition against her as mere “harassment”. A group called “Team Philippines” are even mounting a petition to the Department of Justice to drop the charges.

It seems these people feel sorry for Robredo because she looks like a damsel in distress or they want her to be given special treatment because she is a woman. This is not good for advocates of gender equality. They should be reminded of the persecution former Vice President Jejomar Binay experienced.

Indeed, one of the biggest sins of Leni and the Opposition is being too loyal to the members of the Philippine oligarchy instead of to the people. They prioritise their own interests, not the public’s.

Nonetheless, Robredo does not need protection because the law is there to protect innocent people. If there is no proof against her, the case will not even reach the court and will be dismissed. But unfortunately for her, if the prosecutors prove that she was part of the group who employed Bikoy then she needs to pay the price of her offenses and go to jail.

Plunge in Leni Robredo’s satisfaction rating could be a reflection of her failed leadership of the Opposition

The reality of “vice president” Leni Robredo’s lack of leadership chops is catching up with her as the latest poll results show.

The SWS survey results for June 2019 showed Robredo having a net satisfaction rating of plus 28, down 14 points from plus 42 in March 2019. In Pulse Asia, the Vice President’s approval rating was 55 percent.

The plunge in the proportion of sampled Filipinos “satisfied” with Robredo’s performance could reflect a creeping negative sentiment about her as she consistently exhibits incoherence and a lack of conviction in her official messaging. Filipinos generally want words that demonstrate decisiveness and project authority. It is evident that Robredo and the persona she fronts to the public lacks all those things.

It is therefore likely that part of the fall in her ratings could be accounted for by supporters who may have since changed their opinion of her. In short, Robredo’s support base could be eroding in both sentiment and numbers.

Not surprisingly, Robredo’s office dismisses the poll results. According to her spokesperson Barry Gutierrez, “the appearance of a decline in Robredo’s satisfaction rating based on results of a new survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS) was all that—appearance.”

“You have to distinguish between the Pulse approach and the SWS approach,” Gutierrez said. “Pulse just releases approval, indifferent—undecided—and disapproval. SWS creates a net,” Gutierrez said at an interview at Robredo’s Quezon City reception office.

Blah blah blah.

Tough luck, right? The shortest and simplest explanation is usually the one likely to be the right one.

10 reasons why Leni Robredo comes across as an airhead

I earlier suggested to Richard Heydarian that instead of dismissing RJ Nieto’s opinion about Leni Robredo, he should ask Nieto why he thinks Leni is an airhead. While we are waiting for their exchange, I came up with my own list of why Leni comes across as an airhead to a lot of people:

(1) She doesn’t think before making a statement especially when it comes to issues against Duterte.

(2) She ignores irregularities that occurred during the 2016 Presidential elections just because she was declared the “winner” of the VP race.

(3) She keeps criticising Duterte and at the same time hopes for a better relationship with him.

(4) She doesn’t seem to realise she is a part of the government she is criticising.

(5) Her statements in Tagalog cannot be understood. They are incoherent and nonsensical.

(6) She says she doesn’t think about replacing Duterte or is not part of the ouster plan to remove him from office but she is encouraging the Opposition to file an impeachment case against him. 

(7) She’s too dense. Duterte has already insulted her and ridiculed her but she is still all smiles and giggly like there is nothing wrong. 

(8) She is still loyal to the Liberal Party despite strong evidence of their criminal negligence during their term in office. This can only mean she doesn’t think independently.

(9) She’s always attending ceremonial events for photo ops.

(10) She was already fired from her cabinet post, but she still acts like nothing bad happened.

It’s no surprised another cabinet member called her “boba” or stupid. There is enough evidence to support it.