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Karen Davila and Bernadette Sembrano Aguinaldo in pink: BIASED “news” anchors?

Posing in pink with colleague Bernadette Sembrano Aguinaldo then issuing a disclaimer on Instagram, “no malice please”. ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila thinks she can simply plug what had become a highly-politicised colour then insult the intelligence of her Filipino audience by claiming that “Pink just looks good on TV”.

We all know of course that it’s not just because pink “looks good on TV”. Perhaps then this is the reason Leni Robredo and her camp chose this as the colour of her presidential bid for 2022 — because it “looks good on TV”. Thats consistent with what pretty much marks Robredo’s stint as “vice president” since 2016 — one of PR stunts before the rolling cameras.

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After all, no less than Her Eminence this year’s Nobel Peacenik Maria Ressa herself insists that journalism is activism. Ressa goes on to assert…

When your own rights have been abused and you have evidence of that abuse of power, why should you not speak, especially if the data backs it?

Davila’s and Aquinaldo’s colours do indeed speak loudly. And the data does indeed back their choice — “pink just looks good on TV”. But of course it does.

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