Leni Robredo will run for President for all the wrong reasons which is why she will surely LOSE

The Yellowidiots who continue to support Leni Robredo should think again. If her only concerns are Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte then she doesn’t even deserve to be elected to ANY position she runs for. Why? It’s political vendetta all over again.

Kasi iyong 2022 ang daming nakakatakot na scenario na pwedeng mangyari. Ang number one nakakatakot na scenario, makabalik ang mga Marcos. Iyong pangalawang nakakatakot na scenario, 'yung nangyayari ngayon patuloy pa ring mangyayari in six years.

Next, she doesn’t respect the people’s will. Duterte won in 2016 by a plurality. Even if this is not a majority, the fact is, it was within the bounds set by the 1987 Constitution. Unlike her Vice-Presidential victory, which was tainted with fraud, Duterte’s was free and clear. In fact, there were claims that it was he who was the victim of dagdag-bawas in favor of Mar Roxas.

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The woman also assumes too much because the fact that Duterte defeated Mar Roxas is indicative of the people’s will. Therefore, Marcos is a non-issue anymore. She only “won” by 200,000+ votes against Marcos. This is not a landslide by any figment of her ludicrous imagination.

Robredo will run for President for all the wrong reasons which is why she will surely lose. Those who will vote for her are those who still refuse to accept what is history already. Morons.

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