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The REAL message of Leni Robredo’s campaign: Let them eat LUGAW!

The whole lugaw matter is an apt symbol for two things our Kakampinks really stand for: elitism and mediocrity.

Her (elite, mainly upper-class) volunteers could have provided more rice and some other foodstuff to bulk up their giveaways, but NO – lugaw, and a very shallow porridge spiced with a bit of egg and fish sauce, is the only thing they deem appropriate to give to their so-called “laylayan”. In their subconscious view, the poor do not even deserve a bit of fish or meat, only subsistence rations.

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Ultimately, most of the mediocre Kakampink messaging does not involve lifting the people out of their squalor or making their lives easier. It merely involves making their candidate lead, hence Let Leni Lead.

After we make her lead, then what? No plans for extending prosperity to the peripheries, no talk of economic reforms, no nothing. Her bourgeois cohorts seem content with letting her lead a country muddling along the edges of the modern world, an impoverished, backward, yet harmonious society with the Kakampinks in Manila lording it over. Presumably eating crepes at Cafe Breton while the laylayan make do with lugaw.

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