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Yellowtards trying to cover up the FACT that Leni Robredo is now fat

Not only are the Yellowtards scrambling to make “Opposition leader” Leni Robredo look smarter than she really is, they are also trying to fool Filipinos into thinking that she is still able to pull off her original pa-tweetums look that made her fodder for media glamour shots five years ago. A recent tweet by national hero cosplayer Bam Aquino exhibited what could be one of the most dishonest campaign memes thus far.

Tatak husay at tibay. Tatak Leni Robredo.

For one thing, Robredo’s outfit above (which Aquino lamely attempts to wash a shade of pink over) is clearly not consistent with the campaign colours of the day. Second, that is not a recent photo of Robredo.

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One of course could understand why using more contemporary photos of Robredo could be, well, problematic.

(Image source: Twitter)

What’s wrong with using more recent photos of Leni Robredo? Perhaps there’s a politically-correct way of answering that question somewhere out there. For now, don’t hold your breath. Yellowtards aren’t really known to be ones to confront the hard questions.

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