How can there be a “united opposition” when other candidates have already declared?

Opposition coalition 1Sambayan and Vice President Leni Robredo think too highly of themselves in the same manner Mar Roxas did when he asked Grace Poe to withdraw in an effort to defeat then candidate Rodrigo Duterte, who then emerged as the frontrunner in the 2016 elections. The only possibility for a “unified opposition” is for Robredo to run as Isko Moreno’s VP. This is assuming that this proposal would fit with the strategy of his campaign manager, Lito Banayo. Banayo, for his part, had praised Robredo in one of his columns earlier this year.

Robredo’s biggest problem now is her political career. If she runs for either President or Vice-President, she doesn’t stand to win. If she runs for Governor of Camarines Sur, it’s not a guaranteed win but she has a fighting chance of winning nonetheless. She’s put in this position now because there’s no more “SmartMagic” to back her for a national post. If she wants to save face, she can run as Isko’s VP if they will have her. If Duterte runs for VP that would make the VP race as interesting as the Presidential race. But Robredo’s defeat would mean the end of her political career at the national level.

If she opts to run as CamSur Governor, she has even chances of winning now that Louie Villafuerte is deceased. She can groom her eldest daughter for a run as Naga Mayor in 2025. Aika Robredo has been unemployed since returning from Harvard. But this is premised on her winning as Governor. If she loses, that would be the end of her political career at the local level. She can probably make a comeback running for Naga City Mayor in 2025.

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Fate has a way of rendering justice for the politically wicked. This is why it is tenuous for a politician who won fraudulently to have options moving forward. Robredo is like a trapped rat right now. This is why she has gone home to Naga. She only has her brother in-law to consult with for her options.

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