Leni Robredo’s continued dithering on her candidacy proof of her DISRESPECT for her constituents

The mere thought that Leni Robredo id considering endorsing either Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao or Isko Moreno if they run is indicative of her lack of principled conviction, which is what she’s been touting since 2015. The defeat of Mar Roxas signaled that the mantle of leadership of the Liberal Party is on her shoulders. She should’ve exercised that leadership which she has also been bandying about in her criticism of the President and his administration.

The failure of Robredo’s leadership was confirmed when ALL of their Senatorial candidates lost in the 2019 midterm election. Despite this, she still didn’t take the necessary steps to prepare for 2022. Up to now, she continues to dilly-dally about her decision; will she run for President or not? Every single day she’s on the news cycle. We hear about the “clamor” of various sectors for her candidacy.

It’s obvious that Robredo is not qualified to be President because to be one requires decisiveness. If she truly believes that public sentiment is in her favor and the country can’t do with another six years of a Duterte or Marcos as President, she should put her money where her mouth is and rise to the challenge. Otherwise, she should make a categorical declaration if she truly values and respects her supporters.

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