Yellowtard-led Opposition spreading unverified information in last ditch effort to win 2019 elections!

They’re up to the same tricks again, spreading unverified reports of “narco-lists”, whistleblowers named “Bikoy”, and accompanying documents of dubious authenticity. The Opposition led by Liberal Party partisans (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) are making good once again on a track record of dishonest “information” campaigns.

Back in 2012, then-newbie “new media” site Rappler dot com sprung up out of nowhere propagating factoids surrounding the impeachment trial of then Chief Justice Renato Corona. It’s as if this “social news network” headed by its CEO Maria Ressa was created specifically for the job of demonising Corona.

Then came Pinoy Ako Blog just in time to boost the comms requirements of the Yellowtards in the campaign leading to the 2016 elections. Again, another channel magically springing up out of nowhere spewing drivel to contribute to the cause of getting the Yellowtards back in power.

A video is one thing and a cadre of “cooperative” corporate media organisations to help spread it is another. But the big question one needs to ask is whether the “evidence” in these videos will pass the standards of real Philippine courts. Do the Opposition have a legal roadmap to bring to justice those characters in the video whom they suggest have done something wrong? Unlikely. Their aim is not justice but merely to slander.

The Yellowtards’ “Good versus Evil” rhetoric is what is costing the Opposition the election

Liberal Party partisans (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) continue to be a liability to the Opposition in this year’s elections. Because they stick to the obsolete position that they are the “good guys” and that their camp is the “bright side”, they force the debate to be divided by an arbitrary line.

As such, because goodness or badness is subjective and relative, nobody will ever agree who belongs to what “side”.

This is the reason the national “debate” remains forever intellectually-bankrupt — because, rather than frame their platform on issues and vision, the Yellowtard-led Opposition assert moral superiority while hanging on to the shirt tails of that traditional Medieval king-maker, the Roman Catholic Church.

The outcome of this foolish strategy is now evident. The Opposition are failing at every winnability measure because they are pushing all the wrong buttons in their dysfunctional campaign.

The curious case of COMMUNISTS calling for “gov’t action vs Chinese presence” in the Spratlys

According to this Inquirer report, “Bayan Muna on Saturday called on the government to protest the increasing presence of Chinese vessels circling the Pag-asa Island (Thitu Island), which it said may lead to heightened Chinese aggression.”

Now ain’t that rich?

On one hand, commies would routinely demonise the Philippine government and Filipino soldiers as their enemies then, on another, would issue idiotic statements like these for the campaign brownie points.

And, indeed, it is all about those brownie points. Turns out commie candidate Neri Colmenares is behind this latest commie ululation…

According to Bayan Muna chairman and Makabayan bloc senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares, there seems to be a coordinated effort by Chinese vessels to narrow and tighten areas that Filipino fishermen and other Philippine vessels can enter in our own territory.

I think Colmenares and his commie comrades in the New People’s Army (NPA) have lost the right to call the Philippine government to take action on whatever “issue” their pea brains come up with to use as fodder in their campaigns.

For that matter, why are they even participating in an election to begin with when their preferred method of taking power is to launch an armed terrorist struggle and install their “dictatorship of the proletariat”?

SHOCKING! Opposition candidate Chel Diokno invites “more international pressure” to be applied to the Philippines!

Invited to speak at the Ministerial Segment of the UNODC’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Opposition candidate Chel Diokno expressed his goal of subjecting the Philippines to more international pressure

We do hope that the international community will continue to put pressure on the Philippine government to adhere to its commitments under international human rights instruments.

As if this weren’t enough of a shocking affront to Philippine sovereignty being invited by a politician aspiring to hold a seat in the Senate, Diokno adds that foreigners “influencing the way government operates” is something that he wants seen happen in his country!

The Opposition have truly gone bonkers. Imagine a Philippine Congress dominated by these traitors. It’s time Filipinos put their collective foot down and vote their will to be a truly free and independent nation.

Using “Martial Law” AGAIN in campaign rhetoric is an insane strategy that is DOOMING the Opposition

Former President Noynoy Aquino is still parroting the same 1980s vintage script and it is coming across like a sign of some sort of mental illness…

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — In commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of EDSA Revolution, former President Benigno Aquino III encouraged the public to use their right to vote so that the grim history of the country during martial law will never happen again.

He said that the public should remain vigilant because it seems like history is repeating itself.

The fact that the Liberal Party is still using Martial Law and the so-called “dark days” during “the Marcos years” as a campaign strategy in 2019 is already proof that they are not very smart. It didn’t work in the last election, but they still think it will work this coming election.

Do the Opposition actually think “Martial Law” still scares Filipinos? Evidently they do. They come across like senile parents telling stories about tikbalangs to their 45-year-old children to get them to eat their vegetables.

The Liberal Party’s insistence on using that all-too-familiar “Martial Law during the Marcos years” drivel to win votes means they have no agenda other than to get back in power. They do not have any advocacy other than to paint a negative picture of their opponents. They have no policies to advance Philippine society. All they offer is a pathological fixation on the past.

“Debating” with the Yellowtards means putting up with Martial Law Crybabyism

Debates in the time of election campaigns are a means to help voters get better informed about their candidates’ positions on important and relevant issues. Of late, however, no such informing has happened in the “debates” organised for this year’s elections.

Rather than use these debates as opportunities to showcase intelligent platforms, the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards have used them to throw their all-too-familiar Martial Law Crybaby tantrums. This tiresome rhetoric is a relic of three decades of epic spoilt brattery encouraged by an entrenched oligarchy bent on securing their Spanish-era haciendas. For the Yellowtards, it was never about national development. Rather, for them, it’s always been about protecting the status quo.

We can see this insidious agenda today in the way the Opposition use every opportunity to chuck a Martial Law Crybaby tantrum whether it is in their obsolete street rallies, their social media chatter, or, yes, recent debates that could have been far more intelligent if not for the pea-brained agendas their Yellowtard leaders bring to the occasion.

Rather than talk about the future, the Philippine Opposition remain pathologically fixated on a past that is no longer relevant. Worse, they try to drag the entire nation back in time with them.

“Press freedom” is not the Philippines’ most important issue. It really isn’t.

If one uses Twitter to sample the general sentiment of the Filipino public, you’d think “press freedom” is top of mind for the majority of Filipinos. With the shrillness of the rhetoric of “activists” that populate social media, one would be forgiven in thinking that “press freedom” is the game-changing issue that will determine this year’s elections.

Sadly, this isn’t true. Most Filipinos don’t give a shit about “press freedom”. It doesn’t help that “activist” personalities who champion the cause of this dubious advocacy have come to be seen by many as elitist social climbers who are just out to satisfy their virtue signalling addiction.

The Philippines’ foremost activists like the left-leaning Inday Espina Varona and Tonyo Cruz come across as elitist even as they supposedly champion issues important to the masses.

The data shows that “press freedom” is not a strong election issue — which is why the primary poster person of this “cause”, Maria Ressa, is increasingly isolating herself and possibly dooming her organisation, Rappler, to a spiral towards insolvency. Rather than be a CEO, Ressa seems to prefer the embrace of the snowflake community. Rather than be a journalist, Ressa would rather be an emotional blackmailing shill. Rather than focus on her legal troubles, Ressa would rather seek comfort in an echo chamber she engineered for herself.

It seems, though, that the majority of Filipinos no longer fall for this sort of phony melodrama, and politicians are taking heed. Even the Liberal Party claim to be listening to their constituents’ concerns this time. Indeed, if they focus on the basics — listening and evaluating real data — Filipino politicians need no longer waste precious campaign resources on non-issues like Maria Ressa’s pet “press freedom” tantrum.

Latest Pulse Asia results for January 2019 reveal FAILED Opposition campaign

The latest Pulse Asia senatorial preference survey for January 2019 reveals yet again that the Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) continue to miss the mark.

Evidently, Filipinos polled in this survey weren’t moved by the obsolete style of messaging the Yellowtards continue to stubbornly cling to in the crucial campaign lead up to this year’s elections.

Something’s gotta give for this ill-fated Opposition bloc. It’s either they ditch the Yellowtards and their hopelessly abstract high-up-there rhetoric that revolves around nebulous notions like “human rights”, “equality”, and, Maria Ressa’s favourite, “press freedom”, or lose the elections.

The choice has long been clear. But not to the bozos who presume to “lead” this Opposition bloc.

Yellowtard #OtsoDiretso politicians cannot be trusted as long as they are silent about @PinoyAkoBlog’s LYING ways

No exception. All politicians claim to be and promise to be honest and truthful during election campaigns. This, of course, changes when they win, but what is important is the perception of impeccable integrity they bring across in that all-important campaign leading to the elections.

In that sense, the Yellowtard camp is in trouble. Their key blogger and cornerstone of their party messaging, Jover Laurio a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog, is about to be slapped with a perjury charge.

Imagine finding yourself associated with a liar in the midst of a crucial election campaign — and one whose wedding you were photographed in attendance of! Yikes!

An entire Opposition bloc captured in living colour attending the wedding of a liar!

Suffice to say, campaign contributors won’t be too happy seeing their investment being put at risk by a problem that is easily solved. Indeed, the solution is so obvious that even the Bible offers it up in these timeless words…

And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for. thee that one of thy members should perish, and. not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

(Matthew 5:29)

It’s simple, really. The Opposition’s obvious action to ditch the Yellowtards is a long-overdue call to action. Now it is imperative that they do, lest they be associated with a liar like Jover Laurio.

Jover Laurio’s unscrupulous ways go a long way back to a time when she wielded information she obtained illegally like a weapon!
(Photo source: Twitter)

It’s time to do the right thing and possibly increase your chance of winning an election you all had been told time and again you really need to win. The right option is a win-win proposition. Ditch a liar, improve your election winning chances. The alternative, continue to coddle a liar, is a one-way road to Loserville.

Liberal Party promise to “listen” is as empty as their old slogan “Kung Walang Korap Walang Mahirap”

The Liberal Party’s new campaign slogan is that they are now “listening to the people”. Oh really? That’s an admission they weren’t listening the whole time they were in power. Let’s test it.

Can LP please answer why they violated the rule on using savings to procure the untested Dengvaxia vaccine?

Why did they ditch yellow?

According to senatorial candidate Pilo Hilbay (as reported by the Philippine Star), “the ‘traditional politics’ of [the] admin slate and the new breed of ‘principled’ politics of [the] opposition lay down a ‘campaign of contrast’.”

What a laugh. The only thing different about this so-called “new breed” is they don’t wear yellows shirts and sport yellow paraphernalia anymore. Otherwise, they say and stand for the same old sh*t. They should be called the SOS Team.

The Liberal Party (LP) just admitted they did not listen to the people when they were in power. Now their campaign slogan says they are ready to listen. They are not promising to act on or do anything about the people’s grievances though.

Too bad rabid Liberal Party supporters were not consulted before the party changed its slogan from “Kung walang korap, walang mahirap” to “Nakikinig”. They look like idiots now supporting a party whose leadership had to admit they were not listening to the public when they were in power.