Ninoy Aquino is not a hero because he didn’t make ORDINARY Filipinos’ lives BETTER

It’s time Filipinos revisit the very notion that Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr is a national “hero”? What exactly did he do that was so heroic? Did he invent a longer-lasting lightbulb? Did he cure cancer? Did he lead an army to victory?

What exactly did Ninoy do?

This, after all, is an age of Marvel superheroes. Filipinos join the rest of the world in being the biggest fans of the products of the wildly-profitable Marvel Universe franchise. One wonders then how the average Spidey fan reconciles the exceptional skills needed to fit the hero criteria applied to showbiz characters and the criteria applied to a country’s “national heroes”.

The actions of heroes, after all, make a difference to the lives of ordinary people. One would be hard-pressed to cite an example of how Aquino’s “heroism” resulted in such an outcome. Are ordinary Filipinos better off after his supposed “martyrdom” at the international airport that now bears his name?

It’s time Filipinos start thinking outside of the square. They should decide whether they should remain fixated on a definition of “hero” concocted by a clan driven more by their oligarchic interests than that of the broader public or ditch that in favour of what REALLY defines a true hero.

Duterte reunited the Filipino people after Aquino and the Yellowtards divided and polarised them for decades

This, in a tweet, is how Chief Yellowtard Economist JC Punongbayan describes the government of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte…

A despotic, inept, and petty regime that polarized our political landscape, induced the backsliding of our democracy, and compromised our national sovereignty like never before.

Punongbayan forgets, however, that it was Duterte’s predecessor, former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III who, rather than wear the national colours, wore his party’s yellow coloured ribbon on public occasions over the entirety of his term.

In contrast, Duterte even during his campaign in the lead up to his victory in the 2016 elections brought back the tradition of wearing the national colours that was all but lost over the 30 years that the Yellowtards ruled the Philippines’ political narrative.

Yellowtards like Punongbayan need to get their facts straight before issuing such baseless assertions. They fail to realise that it is this bad habit that lost them an entire nation.

“Debating” with the Yellowtards means putting up with Martial Law Crybabyism

Debates in the time of election campaigns are a means to help voters get better informed about their candidates’ positions on important and relevant issues. Of late, however, no such informing has happened in the “debates” organised for this year’s elections.

Rather than use these debates as opportunities to showcase intelligent platforms, the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards have used them to throw their all-too-familiar Martial Law Crybaby tantrums. This tiresome rhetoric is a relic of three decades of epic spoilt brattery encouraged by an entrenched oligarchy bent on securing their Spanish-era haciendas. For the Yellowtards, it was never about national development. Rather, for them, it’s always been about protecting the status quo.

We can see this insidious agenda today in the way the Opposition use every opportunity to chuck a Martial Law Crybaby tantrum whether it is in their obsolete street rallies, their social media chatter, or, yes, recent debates that could have been far more intelligent if not for the pea-brained agendas their Yellowtard leaders bring to the occasion.

Rather than talk about the future, the Philippine Opposition remain pathologically fixated on a past that is no longer relevant. Worse, they try to drag the entire nation back in time with them.

Infantile thinking: Yellowtards like @JCPunongbayan slam newly-passed Human Settlements Department bill just because of its association to Imelda Marcos

The Philippine Senate today passed a new bill creating the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. SB 1578 became law Monday, November 12, 2018.

Almost on queue, Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies are quick to point out the historical connection between this department and that of “The Marcos Regime”. Here is Yellowtard “economist” JC Punongbayan doing what he and his lot do best

By reviving a Marcosian brainchild, the present Congress seems to be making a most unwelcome and unpalatable throwback to the Marcos regime. #NeverForget

Why can’t the Yellowtards apply a prospective lens to the evaluation of developments like this rather than the bitter backward-oriented style of thinking they contribute? Is this historical association even relevant to an objective evaluation of the merits of this bill?

And we wonder why the Philippines did not progress after 30 years of domination of the poltical narrative by these bozos.

“Investigative journalist” Raissa Robles’s puny attempt to challenge Bobi Tiglao on Martial Law matters

Yellowtard “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles finally went there. She is challenging Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao to explain why he hasn’t filed charges against his own torturers during his imprisonment in the 1970s.

Bobie [sic] Tiglao blames human rights victims for not filing cases against their abusers. He should ask himsrlf first – why did he not file a case right after martial law against his torturer? Takot much?

Tiglao who has has written at length of his own membership in the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and his own experience being incarcerated on charges of being so.

What Robles should be doing if she were a true journalist is to step back from this infantile personal attack and ask the more important question:

Why did the Cory Aquino government, then successive governments after that, allow Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos to go free despite being the key architects and implementors of Martial Law?

People like Robles can pick on people like Tiglao and quibble over their record of dealing with the “Martial Law Years”. But as long as the big question of why no less than two Aquino presidents handled the living architects of Martial Law with kids’ gloves remains unanswered, they will all come across as mere hypocrites.

Martial Law Crybabies are like dumped people stalking their ex-lovers

You know that loser who, years after a breakup, continues to check out what his or her ex is up to? Specially now in the age of social media, it has become easy to continue to keep tabs on your ex. More interesting is how it becomes easy to post and tweet mean blind items about the people who are currently sleeping with your ex.

That’s essentially what Martial Law Crybabies are doing. They give meaning to their lives on a drip feed of Martial Law “pain”. These “atrocity” junkies, fuelled by that pain, then rampage across the Net crucifying people in bed with the source of that pain.

Even former lovers of their ex — those who had moved on from their ex are not immune. Martial Law Crybabies also crucify people who were formerly involved with their Martial Law bogey.

These sorts of people are toxic personalities. Rather than look forward and move towards the future, they remain imprisoned by a perverted memory of the past that they cannot let go of. It is best to avoid these people as they offer nothing constructive.

Yellowtards have turned Martial Law Crybabyism into a national religion

The Yellowtards had made a small intellectual mistake and turned it into a colossal case of intellectual dishonesty. By implying that those who challenge their account of the “Martial Law Years” and slapped the label “revisionist” across their faces, they have elevated their Martial Law narrative of superstitious fear and loathing into no less than a national dogma.

So now, right up there with Roman Catholicism is the second state religion: Martial Law Crybabyism.

The two national dogmas now stand as non-debatable edifices of traditional Filipino thinking. The tenets of these two vast frameworks of thought are what Filipinos are told to think by the powers that be.

In essence, those who use these two state religions to win arguments are not contributing to creating a true Filipino thinking class. They are, instead, further dumbing down the discourse and making Filipinos even more susceptible to the very “fake news” the Yellowtards profess to hate.

Rather than encourage Filipinos to critically challenge ideas and not engage in groupthink, the Yellowtards prefer that their flock toe the line and sing from a single hymn book. That’s not going to create a modern society anytime soon.

History is not “non-debatable”. True scholars of history are always open to debate, new information, and new points of view.

Yellowtards and communists DISHONOR Filipino men and women in uniform by demonizing their jobs in the 1970s

A former soldier who served during the “Martial Law Years” begged to differ to traditional emo historians in a tweet he issued the other day…

I was a soldier during martial law days. ‘Was a member of the GHQ patrol watching part of Metro Manila on curfew hours (1974-1980). Never we’ve abused anyone, in fact we helped members of the public get home safely…. I can’t believe what others are saying!!!!

Filipino communists and the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition will call this “historical revisionism”. But real scholars of history will take this bit of information ON BOARD as input into FURTHER STUDY.

The difference between the two approaches separate the men from the little girls.

The trouble with the noise currently being spewed by an Opposition coalescing from a motley group of communists, Yellowtards, disgruntled mutineers, and screeching virtue-signalling millennials is that none of it is based on true historical scholarship. All of it is based on the brain-dead sloganeering of obsolete “activists” amplified by a click- and eyeball-hungry corporate media industry.

Beware the those who seek to misinform. Be even more wary of those who are happy to be misinformed.

Martial Law “playbook”? How about that FAMILIAR communist infiltration strategy CLEARLY evident today?

We can see today just how virulent Filipino communists could be. They have once again successfully infiltrated mainstream Opposition politics, evident in the way left-of-centre liberals amongst the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition are comfy in bed with commies and their crooked terrorist sympathisers.

They keep harping about the “Martial Law Playbook” of the Duterte administration. But it is easy to note that these commies are also in the midst of an astounding replay of the very same playbook that marked the Philippines caught in the grip of the Cold War in the 1970s.

Labour militancy is on the rise as labour strikes fomented by virulent communist propaganda now rages across Philippine industry. This could be threatening a stellar economic record so far being chalked up by the Philippines again exhibiting the same pattern of boom being busted by communist sabotage.

The real problem here is the disturbing audacity with which the communists now assert their influence on Philippine society. They are inciting violence with impunity, recruiting fighters from university campuses in broad daylight, and vandalising public property for the cameras.

They must be stopped or at least put back in their place as merely quaint relics or a misguided and obsolete but violent ideology.

Dear Yellowtards, #NeverForget that Juan Ponce Enrile was an ORIGINAL Yellowtard “hero”!

Ironic that on the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, much of what makes the Yellowtards such a laughable bunch of confused dimwits emerged. One notable one is the way they now gang up on elder statesman Juan Ponce Enrile.

Thing is, Enrile is as much a creation of the Yellowtards as he is a relic of the “Martial Law Era”. When he and his henchman General Fidel Ramos turned against their former master, they paved the way for the 1986 Yellowtard “revolution”. So both these men were summarily hailed as “heroes” by the early Yellowtards.

Both men went on to achieve spectacular heights in politics — Ramos as president and Enrile as Senate President. They were able to achieve this because the Yellowtards conveniently forgot that the two were the chief architect and executor of Martial Law respectively.

It is easy to see why the Yellowtards routinely come off as a bunch of stupids. They chant “Never Forget” but conveniently forget pieces of history deemed too inconvenient to fit their idiotic agendas.