Opposition “thought leaders” and their idiotic criticism of Duterte’s 2019 State of the Nation Address

Unlike today’s Philippine Opposition and, most certainly, unlike the Yellowtards who “lead” their lot, we try to come up with solutions and alternatives to match our critique. Before Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivered this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Monday, I published a preemptive piece on the subject, “If I were Duterte, this is the State of the Nation Address I’d be delivering today…”. That way I have the right to criticise stuff — because I at least try to come up with something better.

What have the Yellowtards come up with so far? Well, golly gee. I think all they’ve come up with so far is zilch.

The Yellowtards, in fact, were so stupid that they used that Zilch as their platform in this year’s elections. Not surprisingly, they not only won zilch, they got crushed in a catastrophic spectacle under the weight of their inbred hubris.

Following Duterte’s SONA last Monday, it can be observed that the Yellowtards have so far still learned zilch. They continue to apply their characteristically unimaginative faculties to find just the bad in a basket of both good and bad — as if they could have written and delivered something better. Well, this is the sort of thing that just keeps coming back to bite the Opposition, specially at the polls.

When will the Opposition learn that it is a compelling story that captures the attention of Filipino voters? When will they realise that the vast tale of victimhood that is their tried, tested, and failed narrative no longer delivers the results they need to seize power legally?

Only time will tell if the Yellowtards will ever learn.

No, @KikoPangilinan. It’s not about who won the elections. It’s about who committed a CRIME

It seems Senator Kiko Pangilinan misses the whole point about what the Law is all about. In a recent tweet, Pangilinan argues that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should desist from pursuing sedition charges against his pals because they already lost the elections!

Here is the tweet translated to English…

“The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.”

Seriously Senator Pangilinan? An officer of the law — a legislator, no less — appealing to the government for exemption from the teeth of the law because the accused lost an election?

Kiko Pangilinan, a Philippine senator, lost the plot!

See, the election has nothing to do with the sedition charges being filed against “vice president” Leni Robredo, those clergymen, and their alleged cohorts. This is about what is being alleged they had done in violation of Philippine law.

Pangilinan should be setting a better example to his countrymen. He should turn his back to these old nefarious habits that had made Filipinos renowned for being laid back about law enforcement. He should respect the law and not try to work around it by using such superfluous appeals.

We need a healthier attitude towards failure

The Philippine Opposition after having failed to win in this year’s elections are in a good position to learn from this failure. But to do that, they need to learn how to stop blaming failure for their failure. A Twitter user recently lamented how “if Otso Diretso won, we would have a more progressive Senate”. This illustrates the whole trouble with the current Opposition. That’s just short of saying that the key to success lies exclusively in Opposition politicians.

The Opposition are essentially saying that the Philippines will fail because their people are not in power. See, this is not a very constructive way to participate in a democracy. When one makes a bid for power through elections, one needs to apply a bit of humility to the undertaking and realise that all the effort put into the campaign goes only as far as pitching a proposal to Filipino voters. If the proposal is rejected in favour of another, that only means Filipinos favour a path to success different to what you propose.

In short, Filipinos have seen success in their choice of people to fill 12 Senate seats this year. Who’s to say they are wrong? Apparently many Opposition “thought leaders” presume to be an authority on who and what is right for Filipinos. That is not in the spirit of the democracy they supposedly advocate.

Opposition “thought leader” @MrFrankBaraan calls Filipino voters “SUPER BOBO”, asks them to not vote next time!

The Opposition continue their orgy of soul searching following their massive defeat in this year’s selection. So far it seems it hasn’t dawned on them that they were beaten because of the bad behaviour of their very own social media “influencers”.

In a recent tweet, top woke Yellowtard “influencer” Francis Baraan IV expresses what he really thinks of Filipino voters…

Perhaps Baraan needs to appreciate the reality that an overwhelming majority of Filipino voters voted against his personal wishes. Baraan needs to grow up and respect the outcome of a legitimate political exercise.

It is indeed unfortunate for the Opposition that their leading coalition, the Otso Diretso gang were composed of candidates too inexperienced to realise that their foolish dependence on supporters like Baraan would prove fatal to their bid for Senate seats.

According to “sociologist” Ash Presto (@sosyolohija), Filipino voters are “just plain rotten”

The Yellowtards are in the midst of a monumental temperamental tantrum following a catastrophic loss of their Opposition bets in this year’s elections. They now dismiss Filipino voters as “bobo” (stupid) for not voting for their candidates. But in the face of clear evidence that this summary judgement of people who voted against the Opposition is a big lie, they are now on a warpath to slander highly-educated people who they believe supported administration-backed candidates.

One such person is a certain Athena Charanne “Ash” R. Presto who “graduated summa cum laude”, teaches at the Sociology Department of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, is currently taking her MA Sociology at the same institution, and tweets at @sosyolohija.

She writes in a Rappler article

One should not set oneself up as a scholar if he or she refuses to recognize the moral responsibility that scholars are faced with, especially in the Philippines under the Duterte administration.

Unfortunately, the way Presto tweets does not, in any way, mirror the spirit of true scholarship she articulates.

In a single ill-thought-out tweet, Presto, as the typical “woke” snowflake is prone to do, reveals more about her real character — one that is profoundly inconsistent with her “woke” talk.

The trouble with Presto is that she builds an entire argument on an unsound foundation — her personal judgement that the candidates backed by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte are the wrong people to vote. This is problematic because, according to the Philippine Constitution, only the vote can determine who is RIGHT for the job of representing Filipinos in Congress. Yet, Presto writes…

Those who had the means to get an education but who still chose to vote for the President’s allies are not bobo – they are just plain rotten.

Not only does Presto presume to be an authority on who Filipino voters should vote for, she builds an entire thesis on how one ought to apply one’s knowledge and education in his or her chosen field of endeavour, on her pompous and presumptuous judgement. That is not for anyone to decide for another. And, certainly, there are ways to make good use of one’s education beyond “morality, rights, and justice”.

Indeed, scholars of the hard sciences pride themselves in not having to defer to those nebulous flakey concepts to explain how the world works, how fortunes are made and lost, and how human nature shapes history and life on the planet. In doing so, a true intellectual (something Presto evidently is not despite her education) is able to use theories agnostic to such polticially-motivated constructs to develop better frameworks upon which truly visionary pathways for human progress could be charted — something the Opposition in this year’s elections failed to present to the Filipino Voter.

Yellowtards cry foul over things they could have changed while in power

As expected, the Yellowtard-led Opposition losers in this year’s mid-term elections are in the middle of a monumental tantrum over said loss. Some of the things they shriek about today revolve around charges of electoral fraud and the supposed ascendancy of popularity over qualifications among other things.

But, see, these things were in full swing over 30 years of Yellowtard domination of Philippine politics. Electoral fraud had been an “issue” over most of the last several decades’ elections. Indeed, the one critical time the Yellowtards remained profoundly silent — even dismissive — of it was when these charges worked against their preferred candidate, “vice president” Leni Robredo back in 2016.

As for the screeching about popularity over qualifications, look no further than the two crown jewels of Yellowtard history — the two Aquino presidencies of Cory and Noynoy in 1986 and 2010 respectively. Both won not on the bases of qualifications but on pedigree and emotional blackmail.

It seems the Yellowtards have not learnt their lesson following this colossal loss at the polls. No less than former presidential spokesperson Abi Valte who served under the administration of Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III exhibited this bad attitude

Yellowtards still think they are God’s Gifts to Filipinos when, the fact is, Filipino voters have already told them they aren’t. Unfortunately for them, whatever they are doing isn’t effective. And yet they continue doing the same thing over and over again.

Yellowtard losers in this year’s #Halalan2019 elections exhibit SELECTIVE respect for Filipino voters

The dismay being expressed by the partisan camps who lost in this year’s elections — Yellowtards primarily — has risen to disturbing levels. They are, in essence, asserting their being above the Vote on the sole basis of the voice of said Vote not being aligned to theirs. This is not the spirit of the democracy they selectively espouse.

The whole point of an election is to determine the majority voice. Once established, the minority are then obliged to respect that winning voice and wait for the next elections to pitch theirs again.

The trouble with the Yellowtards is that they are more inclined to throw a monumental tantrum by, yet again, hinting at rebellion and sedition rather than extend that respect for the majority will as determined by these elections. Thus, on display, is the height of the bald hypocrisy of the Yellowtards.

If you failed to convince the voters to see things your way, it is you who had failed, not them.

Some Yellowtards like Rappler contributor Shakira Sison, for example, choose to lie and incite sedition rather than respect the vote…

“100,000 bodies in Manila Bay” was not a joke.
30,000 dead by EJK. Not a joke.
Selling the Philippines to China. Not a joke.
Senate takeover and formalization of this dictatorship. Not a joke.
Stop laughing. Start fighting.

This is the sort of thinking that hobbles democracy and contributes nothing to building a modern nation.

One should at least stop to ask shills like Sison:

Fight for what exactly?

Is there still a “fight” to be had? Certainly not. The Philippines is more in need of a society of people who work together to build. They have no need for people who prefer to “fight” an ill-defined battle. They have no need for the bullshit of the Yellowtards.

Lesson to Philippine Opposition: Next time, don’t campaign like YELLOWTARDS – #halalan2019

It was clear even just midway through the term of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III that the Yellow narrative of the Liberal Party and the broader community of partisans and activists loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan has gone way past its Use-by Date. As a result, the landslide vote in favour of then presidential candidate Rordrigo Duterte in 2016 was seen by many observers as a protest vote against the Yellowtard candidates of the time.

Unfortunately, in the campaign lead-up to this year’s 2019 elections, the Opposition continued to campaign like Yellowtards. Despite attempts to re-brand by changing their partisan colours, ditching the idiotic “Laban” hand gesture, and distancing themselves from as many Yellowtard icons as they could think of, the much-vaunted Otso Diretso coalition continued to walk like Yellowtards and quack like Yellowtards.

They continued to quack about ‘press freedom’ and ‘human rights’, how these were supposedly ‘dying’ or ‘under assault’, and how, with it, democracy was ‘in decline’. Worse, they continued to waddle along screeching negative messages against the popular incumbent and refusing to engage with a multitude of sober voices challenging their dogma.

The results, as such, aren’t surprising. Filipinos overwhelmingly voted in protest against the dishonesty inherent in the Yellow brand a second time in a row. Perhaps the candidates, as many mainstream media columnists insist, were qualified and decent enough to deserve to be senators. Unfortunately for them, their own followers did them in. They did themselves no favours by settling into the comfortable embrace of Yellowtardom.

Hopefully the Opposition will have learnt from this year’s catastrophic loss at the polls and campaign more intelligently next time.

Otso Diretso and the Communists: TALO sa #Halalan2019

With more than 90 percent of votes transmitted, adminstration and independent candidates dominate the top 12 slots up for grabs. The only blight on the list is Bong Revilla who was, until now, detained on charges of corruption.

What is left for the Yellowtard-led Opposition to do? Why cry bloody “electoral fraud” of course.

We all know the drill.

The trouble with that option is that the unofficial results so far are consistent with numerous surveys conducted by independent firms led by Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia. The only thing the Yellowtards can count on is the dismal credibility of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) — the single common denominator underlying electoral fraud over the last several decades.

But the Yellowtards had essentially shot themselves in the foot back in 2016 when they aggressively dismissed charges of cheating back then when their lackey, the disgraced Andy Bautista, ruled over the COMELEC as its chairman.

Tough shit is pretty much the only thing one could say about the plight of the Yellowtards, the broader Opposition and the communists at the fringes who piggyback on the quaint demonisation campaign they have been mounting against the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Opposition “not giving up fight”. But THAT is exactly why they are losing!

Ironic that the call amongst supporters of the Opposition in this last day before the polling booths open is to “continue the fight”. What flies way above their pointed heads, however, is the fact that it is this very notion of a “fight” that lost them an entire nation yet again to begin with.

Indeed, there is no longer any “fight” to be had. What lies ahead is a job Filipinos need to do together to build a strong nation.

The trouble with the Yellowtard-led Opposition is that they chose to mount a campaign premised on tearing down the Philippine government. This is a notion that has long been obsolete. The Philippines is now a mature democracy and is on a path towards sustained economic growth — if Filipinos work together.

The Yellowtards, however, prefer that the Philippines remain a deeply-divided society and be perpetually locked in a fight. Not surprising considering the word Laban, Tagalog for “fight”, is deeply-ingrained in their partisan identity.

It is, indeed, quite reassuring that Filipinos no longer buy into the Yellowtards’ horseshit and are set to express this continued protest against the status quo being propped up by the traditional oligarchs that bankroll the Yellowtards’ “fight”.