Opposition smear campaign vs Duterte family a desperate last ditch effort as Election 2019 approaches


The timing of the emergence of the so-called witness against Paolo Duterte along with a summary of supposed accounts is quite suspect. The only people buying this lame attempt at smear campaign are the gullible yellow crowd.

It follows the all-too-familiar pattern of dishonest Yellowtard smear campaigning that economist David Yap handily summarises

1. Release unverified “official-looking” documents
2. Whip mainstream media into a frenzy – get the story going to obscure the thinness of the evidence. Get columnists to write passionately about it.
3. Push for an official investigation to focus the limelight on it

But then…

The outcome of the investigation doesn’t matter (ask yourselves: was there anything that was ever resolved?) because getting the attention was in itself the objective.

It’s really baffling how the Opposition keeps using the same tactic against their enemies – publishing unverified reports on bank account deposits – in an effort to destroy their image. They can’t even use it to file a case. They just want to rile up the public before an election.

A month before the mid-term elections, the Oppostion wants a Senate hearing against Duterte’s son who they allege is a drug dealer. It’s a last ditch effort to help their losing candidates. They’ve done this to Arroyo, Binay, Marcos and now Duterte. They are pathetic losers.

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