The Yellowtards’ Appeal to VICTIMHOOD campaign has FAILED them again!

Even in this final day before this year’s mid-term elections, the Opposition camp continues to follow a strategy that has consistently failed them in the last several years. They still try to convince Filipino voters that they are the underdogs in this race going up against powerful sinister, even “evil” forces.

But the truth couldn’t be further from what these liars claim. The truth is that the cards are all stacked up in favour of the Yellowtards. They have the Philippines’ mainstream corporate media at their beck and call. They have the foreign liberal media with no less than the New York Times itself singing off their hymn book. They have the powerful Roman Catholic Church shoving Yellowtard philosophy down Sunday Mass goers’ throats. And they have the countries’ toniest private schools ensuring members of their student bodies wear their Yellowtardism brightly on their sleeves.

What the Yellowtards don’t control are the communities of people who are the real victims of the very systems that the Yellowtard oligarchs would like to keep standing. Not surprisingly, these real victims are voting against those who merely PRETEND to be victims.

This is the reason why the Yellowtards have lost yet another important election — because they have failed to reach out to Filipinos who matter the most. These are ordinary Filipinos who are excluded from the Yellowtards’ gated communities and don’t speak their “woke” language. In short, the Yellowtards lost the election because they preferred exclusivity instead of being genuinely inclusive in their campaign.

Emergence of “Bikoy”: another trial-by-publicity stunt of the Opposition?

The timing of the emergence of the supposed person behind the “Bikoy” videos, a certain Peter Joemel Advincula, is quite suspect. The midterm elections is in a few days. The people pulling his strings are really desperate to win the elections by painting the Duterte family and their allies under a negative light. Too lame.

The only people who would fall for this are the people who already believe the claims even before the guy surfaced. They don’t believe in giving their enemies due process. So far there is no evidence provided. This is so reminiscent of Jun Lozada without the crying. Indeed, according to a Rappler report, “Advincula was accompanied by nuns” (recalling the Lozada circus in the mid-2000s) when he arrived at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines building for his press conference.

Mainstream media, for its part, keeps giving airtime to these menaces of Philippine society. Taking stock of the reports fielded by mainstream news channels following this circus, Mr David Yap notes, “The statement of some random scammer, without any investigation WHATSOEVER, is enough for mainstream media.”

The public should be outraged already because they are being taken for a ride. Observes Ms Malou Tiquia

Went to IBP, had prepared statement, had media to cover the event, then the usual choir was present. Seriously, same familiar script, just like against Villar, Binay, etc, right? Why do we fall for such?

Too bad for Bikoy, the public is tired of badly scripted melodrama and prefer action-packed, less talk productions. The people want to see evidence. Words are boring especially coming from an unknown trying-hard-for-his-fifteen-minutes-of-fame-bozo.

Yellow Opposition keep wishing President Rodrigo Duterte would die

Here is proof that the pious and compassionate image some people try to project is all for show. Just look at how Netizen Mia Magdalena Longid celebrates Duterte’s demise prematurely.

Yellows hate Duterte but are the first ones to miss him even just a few days of not seeing him. They already assume he is either sick or lazy even though he just came back from China and was campaigning for his bets recently.

They were quick to use the photo of Duterte chilling out on his bed as proof that he is lazy. Never mind that the photo actually came from Duterte because they kept asking about his whereabouts. It’s as if Duterte is not entitled to rest even after a gruelling schedule.

We all know why the Yellows want Duterte dead. Because Leni Robredo is their “vice president”.

Who should Filipinos vote for in the coming elections? It’s none of your business

There is a reason why voting booths are semi enclosed — because The Vote is private. Those who feel they need to shoutout who they’re going to vote for do so because they are presumptuous in their thinking that their opinions matter that much.

Rather than proclaim who they are voting for and assume that others would follow suit on the basis of that endorsement, campaign groupies should, instead, articulate the principles they espouse and leave it to their audience and followers to vet and evaluate the different candidates guided by those principles.

Presumptuous at best, an insult to the intelligence at worst; partisans who shoutout their “personal lists” are no better than the religious cults they criticise for being too prescriptive on their respective flocks’ voting decisions.

The bad habit of personality-based partisanism needs to be stamped out of Philippine politics. It’s time Filipino voters grow up and start focusing on ideas and platforms and less on the publicity stunts and empty sloganeering of traditional politicians.

We are waiting for SWS president Mahar Mangahas’s spin on Duterte’s “excellent” Q1 2019 survey results

What could surveys firm SWS’s president Mahar Mangahas’s personal thoughts on the recent findings of his poll firm be today? He’d have to make a statement in the context of what he said in the past considering that his survey says that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is rated excellent by the Filipino public in the First Quarter of 2019.

81 percent were satisfied with the national government’s general performance, 10 percent were undecided, and 9 percent were dissatisfied.

This yielded a +72 net satisfaction rating, 6 points higher than the +66 it achieved in the previous quarter.

Compare this to Mangahas’s personal assessment of Duterte’s numbers back in 2017

{Mangahas} said a rating of “good” signifies that the leader is still enjoying a “honeymoon stage,” a phase which former President Benigno Aquino enjoyed the longest. Aquino retained his “good” ratings for more than 3 years, he said.

Of course, survey results are subject to a level of confidence based on the quality (randomness, degree of representation, and size) of the sample on which they were derived. Still, the fact that the SWS published it means they stand by the message it potentially sends out.

(Credit to @PinoyTapsilog for the tip.)

Popularity survey results can only be validated in an election with high voter turnout

The up and coming election could possibly see the Opposition “Otso Diretso” coalition crushed if recent surveys are to be believed. Neither popular Yellow bloggers like Jover Laurio (and the social media “engagement” she brags about) nor celebrity endorsers like Bianca Gonzalez can save them, it seems. But partisans on either side should not despair nor rest on their laurels.

Don’t rely on surveys. Just because your candidates are popular doesn’t mean they will win or just because some candidates are unpopular doesn’t mean they will lose.

Since it is not mandatory to vote in the Philippines and the stakes are not that high this coming mid-term elections compared to the 2016 Presidential elections, low voter turn out might go in favour of the Opposition whose supporters are more desperate than supporters of popular candidates.

The biggest enemy of the administration bets this year could likely be low voter turnout. It can still go either way, so go out and vote.

Mystery woman Maru Xie further strengthens links between “Bikoy”, the Yellowtards, and the #OtsoDiretso Opposition candidates

Following the arrest of “blogger” Rodel Jayme on charges of inciting sedition after being tagged as Patient Zero in the viral outbreak of the notorious “The Real Narco-list” videos, the spotlight is now on a certain Maru Xie, purportedly also known as Maru Nguyen.

Mugshot of Rodel Jayme (Photo source: ABS-CBN)

According to a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) statement reported by the Philippine News Agency, Xie is part of a conversation found within Jayne’s Facebook account that establishes her being a person of interest in this case.

Netizen @doctorluckmd shared on Twitter what appears to be a woman who could be Xie (or Nguyen) together in a photo with Jayme taken from the profile page of one of her social media accounts.

However, as of this writing, it seems that both the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Xie had either been deactivated or deleted.

The Twitter handle @maruxie89 (which is the same as the handle used in the above defunct Instagram account), on the other hand, still seems to be active. Though not having much of a following, this account seems to be dedicated to promoting the campaign and the shoutouts of Yellowtard Opposition candidate Romy Macalintal.

Interestingly, a Facebook post of Macalintal “on the campaign trail” features a photo credited to “Maru Nguyen”.

Photos of Xie hobnobbing with other Yellowtard honchos have also started emerging all over social media.

What is the nature of Xie’s relationship with Rodel Jayme if, in fact, both know each other? Jayme for his part has also been seen schmoozing with a who’s who of Opposition Yellowtard leaders

One wonders then. Was Jayme or Xie also invited to the wedding of Jover Laurio as was most of these Yellowtard — and communist — personalities?

The Philippines’ foremost activists like the left-leaning Inday Espina Varona and Tonyo Cruz come across as elitist even as they supposedly champion issues important to the masses.

The plot thickens, indeed as the Web of lies, dishonest personalities, and hypocritical “activists” crystallises further.

Florin Hilbay reveals his NARCISSISTIC tendencies!

Opposition senatorial candidate Florin “Pilo” Hilbay sucks at campaigning, which is why he is now losing the race. He does not even have a track record of being a good administrator. All he has are promises to go against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s policies. He’s not being smart. Duterte still enjoys a high satisfaction rating. One doesn’t speak against a leader who is still popular if one wants to win an election.

Here he is being a real class act

Ako ay batang Tondo. Number 1 sa Bar Exams, pero hindi ako nagpayaman

So what if he is from Tondo? He makes it sound like it’s Sillicon Valley. So what if he was Number One in the bar exams? It didn’t help him win the cases he tried to defend. So what if he didn’t make himself rich? Nothing wrong with getting rich the honest way anyway. He’s a loser.

Why does Hilbay think a candidate has to be poor or “pro-poor”? The people actually need someone successful to look up to as a role model. If he thinks being simple is the only formula needed to get voted in, he is wrong. Besides, he is not simple. He had to have a celebrity girlfriend to validate himself.

Hilbay probably thinks having a celebrity girlfriend will help him win in the coming election. That is also evidence that he is a traditional politician – someone who relies on image instead of his policies for reform.

In other words, it was all about him. Hilbay didn’t have anything to offer the people. He thinks saying he is awesome is good enough to be elected a senator. The voters should be careful and make sure a narcissist like Hilbay doesn’t end up in a position of power.

#OtsoDiretso FAILED Filipinos by being an UNINTELLIGENT Opposition

Just a couple of weeks to election day and it is clear that Congress will be dominated by legislators aligned with or at least sympathetic to the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. That’s not such a bad thing considering that the Opposition led by the Yellowtards has offered nothing new nor compelling to the Filipino people.

Indeed, this is exactly what doomed the Opposition. They campaigned on the back of negativity and offered no alternatives to the trajectory Duterte had set for his country. Instead, they continued to latch on to old relics of rhetoric past — tyranny scaring, Martial Law Crybabyism, and “human rights” emotional blackmail to cite a few intelligence-insulting buttons.

However, Filipinos need to be cautious of a political landscape characterised by the flaccid Opposition we see today. A limp and moronic Opposition is a sign of a sub-optimal democracy. This is because a truly healthy democracy is one where both incumbent and Opposition are up to par when it comes to tackling national issues of consequence.

Sadly this is not the case. Blame a current Opposition that lacks imagination and intelligence to deliver sound and thought-provoking alternatives to Filipinos. This year’s elections will long be noted as one where the Opposition camp has failed to step up and be a choice worthy of Filipinos’ serious consideration.

Opposition smear campaign vs Duterte family a desperate last ditch effort as Election 2019 approaches

The timing of the emergence of the so-called witness against Paolo Duterte along with a summary of supposed accounts is quite suspect. The only people buying this lame attempt at smear campaign are the gullible yellow crowd.

It follows the all-too-familiar pattern of dishonest Yellowtard smear campaigning that economist David Yap handily summarises

1. Release unverified “official-looking” documents
2. Whip mainstream media into a frenzy – get the story going to obscure the thinness of the evidence. Get columnists to write passionately about it.
3. Push for an official investigation to focus the limelight on it

But then…

The outcome of the investigation doesn’t matter (ask yourselves: was there anything that was ever resolved?) because getting the attention was in itself the objective.

It’s really baffling how the Opposition keeps using the same tactic against their enemies – publishing unverified reports on bank account deposits – in an effort to destroy their image. They can’t even use it to file a case. They just want to rile up the public before an election.

A month before the mid-term elections, the Oppostion wants a Senate hearing against Duterte’s son who they allege is a drug dealer. It’s a last ditch effort to help their losing candidates. They’ve done this to Arroyo, Binay, Marcos and now Duterte. They are pathetic losers.