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“Debating” with the Yellowtards means putting up with Martial Law Crybabyism

Debates in the time of election campaigns are a means to help voters get better informed about their candidates’ positions on important and relevant issues. Of late, however, no such informing has happened in the “debates” organised for this year’s elections.

Rather than use these debates as opportunities to showcase intelligent platforms, the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards have used them to throw their all-too-familiar Martial Law Crybaby tantrums. This tiresome rhetoric is a relic of three decades of epic spoilt brattery encouraged by an entrenched oligarchy bent on securing their Spanish-era haciendas. For the Yellowtards, it was never about national development. Rather, for them, it’s always been about protecting the status quo.

We can see this insidious agenda today in the way the Opposition use every opportunity to chuck a Martial Law Crybaby tantrum whether it is in their obsolete street rallies, their social media chatter, or, yes, recent debates that could have been far more intelligent if not for the pea-brained agendas their Yellowtard leaders bring to the occasion.

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Rather than talk about the future, the Philippine Opposition remain pathologically fixated on a past that is no longer relevant. Worse, they try to drag the entire nation back in time with them.

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