Using “Martial Law” AGAIN in campaign rhetoric is an insane strategy that is DOOMING the Opposition


Former President Noynoy Aquino is still parroting the same 1980s vintage script and it is coming across like a sign of some sort of mental illness…

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — In commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of EDSA Revolution, former President Benigno Aquino III encouraged the public to use their right to vote so that the grim history of the country during martial law will never happen again.

He said that the public should remain vigilant because it seems like history is repeating itself.

The fact that the Liberal Party is still using Martial Law and the so-called “dark days” during “the Marcos years” as a campaign strategy in 2019 is already proof that they are not very smart. It didn’t work in the last election, but they still think it will work this coming election.

Do the Opposition actually think “Martial Law” still scares Filipinos? Evidently they do. They come across like senile parents telling stories about tikbalangs to their 45-year-old children to get them to eat their vegetables.

The Liberal Party’s insistence on using that all-too-familiar “Martial Law during the Marcos years” drivel to win votes means they have no agenda other than to get back in power. They do not have any advocacy other than to paint a negative picture of their opponents. They have no policies to advance Philippine society. All they offer is a pathological fixation on the past.

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