Latest Pulse Asia results for January 2019 reveal FAILED Opposition campaign


The latest Pulse Asia senatorial preference survey for January 2019 reveals yet again that the Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) continue to miss the mark.

Evidently, Filipinos polled in this survey weren’t moved by the obsolete style of messaging the Yellowtards continue to stubbornly cling to in the crucial campaign lead up to this year’s elections.

Something’s gotta give for this ill-fated Opposition bloc. It’s either they ditch the Yellowtards and their hopelessly abstract high-up-there rhetoric that revolves around nebulous notions like “human rights”, “equality”, and, Maria Ressa’s favourite, “press freedom”, or lose the elections.

The choice has long been clear. But not to the bozos who presume to “lead” this Opposition bloc.

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