Slow news day: Rappler “reports” on Duterte’s “awkward” handshake at Bangkok ASEAN summit

Citing a slow news day to excuse routinely shallow and slanted reporting gives too much credit to the Rapplerettes of Philippine “social news network” Rappler. This time, the object of their giggles is a split-second difficulty getting hands together in the handshake photo-op that traditionally marks every ASEAN meet.

True to form they zero in on Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte not considering for a moment that a handshake involves two people, in this case Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The anonymous Rapplerette (the report was indicated as having been authored by “Rappler”) “reports” how “Lee, who was standing beside Duterte, took a few steps away from the Philippine leader” perhaps suggesting something that they leave to their loyal halfwit readers to fill in.

It is interesting the way many observers of Philippine politics wonder out loud why no intelligent discourse prevails around noteworthy events and raging issues. They need look no further than the primary news outlet of the Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition for answers.

Duterte reunited the Filipino people after Aquino and the Yellowtards divided and polarised them for decades

This, in a tweet, is how Chief Yellowtard Economist JC Punongbayan describes the government of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte…

A despotic, inept, and petty regime that polarized our political landscape, induced the backsliding of our democracy, and compromised our national sovereignty like never before.

Punongbayan forgets, however, that it was Duterte’s predecessor, former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III who, rather than wear the national colours, wore his party’s yellow coloured ribbon on public occasions over the entirety of his term.

In contrast, Duterte even during his campaign in the lead up to his victory in the 2016 elections brought back the tradition of wearing the national colours that was all but lost over the 30 years that the Yellowtards ruled the Philippines’ political narrative.

Yellowtards like Punongbayan need to get their facts straight before issuing such baseless assertions. They fail to realise that it is this bad habit that lost them an entire nation.

President Duterte remains popular because he focuses on solving problems RELEVANT to ordinary Filipinos

One of the reasons Duterte’s popularity continues to rise while the opposition continues to fail is because Duterte also targets the little problems in parts of the country that were ignored by the previous administrations – while the opposition focuses on Luzon problems.

Take for example the free irrigation enacted by Duterte. You think the opposition cared about the millions of farmers, the millions of Filipinos that have been begging for years to give them free irrigation? Did the opposition even know this was an issue to begin with?

The opposition continues to screech over the idea that the freedom of press is being attacked? While for the first time, small Filipinos were given a platform to voice out their concerns through the Presidential Complaint Center. I work in a government agency, and I’ve seen how government agencies cannot anymore ignore the concerns of the common people because the PCC will keep following up the issues brought forward by the smaller people.

How do Diokno’s “fight for justice” platform resonate with the rest of the Philippines when only people from NCR can relate to this? Do you think Filipinos in the outer reaches of Visayas cares about this so called justice when they struggle to even get to town because of the lack of roads?

Free college tuition? A big chunk of the country don’t even have proper schools to begin with.

Anti-train law? Give the people a means to grow their food first before we talk about consumer issues. Give them dams and irrigation facilities first.

Oh wait. Duterte is already doing that.

Also, isn’t it hilarious that the opposition keeps promoting the idea that DEMOCRACY IS DYING under the Duterte “regime”. But at the same time, they slam the majority’s opinion and the majority choice simply because it doesn’t align with what they want.

Hilarious, I tell you!

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Yellow Opposition keep wishing President Rodrigo Duterte would die

Here is proof that the pious and compassionate image some people try to project is all for show. Just look at how Netizen Mia Magdalena Longid celebrates Duterte’s demise prematurely.

Yellows hate Duterte but are the first ones to miss him even just a few days of not seeing him. They already assume he is either sick or lazy even though he just came back from China and was campaigning for his bets recently.

They were quick to use the photo of Duterte chilling out on his bed as proof that he is lazy. Never mind that the photo actually came from Duterte because they kept asking about his whereabouts. It’s as if Duterte is not entitled to rest even after a gruelling schedule.

We all know why the Yellows want Duterte dead. Because Leni Robredo is their “vice president”.

We are waiting for SWS president Mahar Mangahas’s spin on Duterte’s “excellent” Q1 2019 survey results

What could surveys firm SWS’s president Mahar Mangahas’s personal thoughts on the recent findings of his poll firm be today? He’d have to make a statement in the context of what he said in the past considering that his survey says that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is rated excellent by the Filipino public in the First Quarter of 2019.

81 percent were satisfied with the national government’s general performance, 10 percent were undecided, and 9 percent were dissatisfied.

This yielded a +72 net satisfaction rating, 6 points higher than the +66 it achieved in the previous quarter.

Compare this to Mangahas’s personal assessment of Duterte’s numbers back in 2017

{Mangahas} said a rating of “good” signifies that the leader is still enjoying a “honeymoon stage,” a phase which former President Benigno Aquino enjoyed the longest. Aquino retained his “good” ratings for more than 3 years, he said.

Of course, survey results are subject to a level of confidence based on the quality (randomness, degree of representation, and size) of the sample on which they were derived. Still, the fact that the SWS published it means they stand by the message it potentially sends out.

(Credit to @PinoyTapsilog for the tip.)

Yellowtards are praying for Duterte’s death. But do they have a plan if that prayer is answered?

For a bunch of people who can’t stand the sight of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s face, the Yellowtards seem to be so obsessed about his whereabouts. The interesting thing about this behaviour is that many of these bozos have expressed veiled wishes that Duterte would not show up at all — in short, they wish he’d be dead soon.

Fair enough. The Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition have not much in their political strategy beyond seizing power by that hoped-for attrition, whether it be by impeachment, prosecution, ouster, or, in this latest case, death. But, as usual, the Yellowtards fail to provide an answer to the obvious simple question: What next?

What next if, indeed, their wish comes true and Duterte dies? “Vice president” Leni Robredo? Is Robredo the Opposition’s strategy?

The question then turns to what Robredo’s vision for the Philippines is. What is Robredo’s vision for the country? Has Robredo ever articulated such a vision much less a strategy to achieve that vision? So far, there is little evidence that she did or has one floating around her little brain.

Perhaps Duterte could die before his term ends. That just puts a bit more scrutiny on the leadership chops Robredo would, in that unfortunate event, be bringing to Malacanang.

Yellow-led Philippine Opposition dismiss the government’s achievements just because they hate President Duterte

Yellow supporters are so bitter and hateful to the point that they make fun and belittle the effort of the current government to clean up Manila Bay. You would think they’d appreciate it since it is so close to where they live and breath. They are simply pathetic.

I just can’t believe that since yellow supporters can’t go against the clean up of Manila Bay, they just dismiss it as “easy” and as if it’s nothing significant. Never mind that for six years during Noynoy’s term, it never got this clean. They can’t even admit former President Noynoy Aquino was slack.

Those who say that the Manila Bay and Boracay clean up are Duterte’s only achievements do not appreciate that he exposed the shenanigans of the Noynoy government including the illegal drug operation inside the national penitentiary. Then Department of Justice Secretary De Lima knew this but turned a blind eye to the problem. This shows just how tolerant the government of Aquino was to endemic crime.

CBCP “apology” for “silence” amid “attacks” NOT ACCEPTABLE

In their “apology” reported by ABS-CBN News, the Cartholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) “insisted that freedom of expression does not include a license to insult other people’s faith,” and that…

“We know that this cuts deeply into the souls of our people—especially the poor, because faith is the only thing they have to hold on to. It gives them hope and strength to continue living and working despite all the odds that come their way,” the prelates said.

However, it seems these men-in-robes apply a loose definition of “insult”. Insults are generally unfair generalisations on one’s person meant to derail dialogue and arrive at the truth. But in the very same ABS-CBN News report, it is quite evident that words issued to the CBCP presumably by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte were not meant to insult…

From criticisms of the Church’s call for donations and alms to accusations of sexual abuse, the president has not shied away from issuing sharp words, including a call to “kill” some bishops.

It seems none of what Duterte asserts about the Philippines’ Catholic bishops and the clergy under their charge can simply be dismissed. The CBCP need to scrape off the useless layer of appeal-to-emotion such as what they use to coat this latest “apology” and address these assertions point-by-point categorically.

Did Duterte do his penance as ordered by the priest he confessed his sins to?

The real question Filipinos should be asking with regard to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s “confession” that he allegedly groped a female servant as a teenager is this:

Did Duterte do his penance as ordered by the priest who heard his confession.

Here are the reported facts surrounding the case…

He said he told the priest he had gone to the maid’s room and while she was sleeping he touched her genitals.

“I lifted the blanket … I tried to touch what was inside the panty … I was touching [it],” he said, news website Rappler reports.

“She woke up so I left the room.”

He went back later and again tried to assault the woman, he said he told the priest.

The priest instructed Mr Duterte to “say five Our Fathers, five Hail Marys, because you will go to hell,” he is reported as saying.

It seems this is more a religious matter than a legal one (considering too that Duterte was supposedly a minor when the incident allegedly transpired). After all, the overwhelming majority of Filipinos are practicing Catholics who, presumably, partake of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. According to Catholic dogma

After Confession
Give thanks to God for forgiving you again. If you recall some serious sin you forgot to tell, rest assured that it has been forgiven with the others, but be sure to confess it in your next Confession.

And as long as Duterte complies with his obligations following his confession, he is, in effect, absolved of his “sins” by authority of Filipinos’ Roman Catholic overlords…

Doing the penance will diminish the temporal punishment due to sins already forgiven.

Back to the question then. Did Duterte comply? This is what the debate should be focused on resolving.

What good are effigies? What NEXT after you burn them?

I don’t get effigies. Does, say, displaying a painting of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sporting the same styled moustache worn by Adolf Hitler necessarily make him the same as Der Fuhrer? And by burning this effigy, does that make one’s committing these “symbols” to flames akin to casting a spell or hex on the people “symbolised” by this stunt?

That’s exactly what “activists” led by the usual suspects would like Filipinos to believe as this tweet by commie leader Teddy Casino suggests…

Sure, you go burn them good, champ. That’ll show them.

The fact is, superstitious hocus pocus will not change the Philippines. Only well thought out action will. That gives a bit of an ironic spin to the notion of “activism” in the Philippines.