Why are Yellowtards like @CarlosCeldran always wishing Duterte would DIE??

Indeed, it is quite baffling. For a people who are such big fans of “democracy”, it comes across as quite bizarre that they’d wish death upon a leader who Filipinos had chosen by popular vote. After all, isn’t the institutionalisation of fundamental democratic principles a key to a healthy democracy?

The mystery persists, however. In a recent tweet, social media personality Carlos Celdran who is currently in Spain does just that.

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Quite unchristian too. Wishing death upon anybody, for that matter, ain’t really such a nice thing to be doing.

The best thing the current Philippine Opposition should be doing is practicing at getting better at winning elections. Only through winning an election can Opposition leaders legally implement change in Philippine society. Unfortunately, winning an election seems to be a skill the Opposition no longer wield effectively seeing the catastrophic loss they suffered in this year’s national elections.

Perhaps rather than waste time championing inappropriate means to seize power, Opposition “thought leaders” like Carlos Celdran should channel their vast influence towards more constructive approaches to achieving their ends.

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