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President Duterte’s death will NOT solve the Philippines’ problems

The Philippines’ “woke” community and the Opposition “activists” and “thought leaders” who pander to them give too much credit to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte by wishing him to die. In clamouring for his death, the Opposition are, in effect, suggesting that Duterte holds so much of the Philippines’ future in his hands. This is the very dysfunctional thinking that is at the core of the primitivism that pervades Philippine politics.

Rather than address systemic problems that contribute to all that hinders Philippine progress, the current crop of Opposition leaders are, instead, focusing their energies on demonising one man. That’s not too different from the old Medieval notion that Satan is behind all of the world’s ills.

If Filipinos truly aspire to be a modern people who uphold modern thinking, they should distance themselves from this sort of backward rhetoric. There are many factors and variables that contribute to the success or failure of a nation the size of the Philippines. As such, there are scientific approaches to analysing these and coming up with sound conclusions upon which real solutions are built. A political camp that focuses on one man and on a dishonest effort of making everyone believe that he is the source of all evil makes them no better than a cult preying on weak minds.

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It’s time Filipinos demand more intelligence in their Opposition and less of the shamanic behaviours their leaders exhibit today.

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