Filipino overreaction to Chinese lady who threw taho on a cop reveals national INSECURITY

The Yellows want to create a diplomatic row against China over a Chinese tourist who threw a taho snack on a local cop. You can see now why former President Noynoy Aquino lost the disputed island in the South China Sea. Noynoy and his yellow gang are not diplomatic and can’t solve problems without being too emotional.

According to a Manila Bulletin report vice president Leni Robredo even insisted that “the Chinese woman who threw a soybean curd drink was ‘disrespectful’ not only to the police officer, but also to the country.”


Imagine if Leni was President. She could declare war against China over the “taho” throwing incident involving a Chinese tourist and a local cop. What a disaster!

Pot calling the kettle black? Filipinos are selective in the ‘outrage’ they express on social media.

While the Chinese tourist was wrong to throw her taho snack on a cop, we can’t generalise all Chinese as disrespectful to Filipinos. And let’s just say they are, perhaps we should practice some introspection on why they are disrespectful. Are Filipinos, for example, respectful of their own environment?

For that matter, are Filipinos even respectful to each other? Just look at the way some behave in traffic and in public spaces. It is easy to see there are a lot who do not respect the law and do not give courtesy to others. If you don’t have self-respect, how can you expect others to respect you?

Yellowtards and communists DISHONOR Filipino men and women in uniform by demonizing their jobs in the 1970s

A former soldier who served during the “Martial Law Years” begged to differ to traditional emo historians in a tweet he issued the other day…

I was a soldier during martial law days. ‘Was a member of the GHQ patrol watching part of Metro Manila on curfew hours (1974-1980). Never we’ve abused anyone, in fact we helped members of the public get home safely…. I can’t believe what others are saying!!!!

Filipino communists and the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition will call this “historical revisionism”. But real scholars of history will take this bit of information ON BOARD as input into FURTHER STUDY.

The difference between the two approaches separate the men from the little girls.

The trouble with the noise currently being spewed by an Opposition coalescing from a motley group of communists, Yellowtards, disgruntled mutineers, and screeching virtue-signalling millennials is that none of it is based on true historical scholarship. All of it is based on the brain-dead sloganeering of obsolete “activists” amplified by a click- and eyeball-hungry corporate media industry.

Beware the those who seek to misinform. Be even more wary of those who are happy to be misinformed.