If I were Leni Robredo, here’s how I’d respond to Duterte’s challenge…

I’d make a counter-offer rather than waffle on with some lame chickenshit excuse the way she is doing today.

At least ask for a longer period than six months. Then set out the terms. Propose that I be given power to revamp the police force, sack its top officials and implement measures to professonalise it. Indeed, I’d even demand that I be given authority to invite consultants and even watchdogs from the United Nations or one or another “human rights” organisation to observe how I wage my own War on Drugs my way.

There’s so much opportunity for “vice president” Leni Robredo to seize to look good and, perhaps, even succeed and prove she could be a better leader than Duterte. But did she see the possibilities? Of course not. She and her Yellowtard fan club choose the easy and lazy path, which is to turn away from a chance to step up and walk their talk.

Proof once again that the Yellowtards and the Opposition they presume to lead are bankrupt of solutions and imagination.

Indeed, Robredo could even offer Duterte the chance to rest and get better seeing that she and her lot also make making fun of the president’s health issues a cornerstone of their rhetoric. Herein too was an opportunity to earn a bit of public approval. Instead, consistent to all their approaches, they turn gold into shit — testament to their renowned Reverse Midas Touch syndrome.

When will the Philippines’ Opposition community learn? It’s high time they ditch the Yellowtards and build new leadership — real leadership — from the ground up.

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