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Senator, now presidential candidate, Bato dela Rosa kills it in interview with Karen Davila!

Watch Karen Davila’s interview of Senator Bato dela Rosa. He speaks in a language accessible to ordinary Filipinos and explains his position using simple but on-point words on hairy matters like President Rodrigo Duterte’s “war on drugs” and the threat of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to come to the Philippines to investigate “human rights” violations.

With regard to the war on drugs, Bato’s explanation is simple. At the top of the drug industry hierarchy are a handful of big fish. Below that, underlings vastly outnumber the lords. The statistics of drug deaths are therefore straightforward. For every one big fish killing there’d be a hundred-odd underling casualties. Simple, right? It’s just a numbers thing.

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Bato also welcomes the ICC to observe the situation in the Philippines first hand. But to do any more than that, including presuming to rule on guilt or innocence of any person of interest — will be nothing short of a slap across the face of the Philippines’ sovereign judicial system. It can’t be any more complicated than that.

He seems to tick a lot of boxes!

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