Idiots livestreamimg hostage situation at Virra Mall, Greenhills are endangering lives

People have nothing better to do, it seems. They even turn hostage situations such as the one currently transpiring at the popular Virra Mall in Greenhills into entertainment for their friends and family. Why else would these people crowd around the scene of the situation armed with their phones taking videos and streaming these over social media?

(Photo source: Raffy Tima)

No lessons have been learned it seems. This is bad behaviour modelled after “journalists” such as Pia Ranada of Rappler who was banned from covering Malacanang after she exhibited an astounding sense of entitlement bullying a guard using a mobile phone to take footage of him merely doing his job.

Pia Ranada assumes the same stance armed with a videocam-equipped smartphone aimed at a security officer in Malacanang.

Recall too back in 2010, overzealous broadcast journalists from mainstream media channels were blamed for the catastrophic degeneration of the situation leading to the deaths of nine Hong Kong tourists taken hostage in the bus they were touring in by a rogue police officer.

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The really astounding thing is how the sheer incompetence of the assault was so visibly played out in front of a TV — and YouTube — audience. We have to thank the “heroics” of the Philippine Media for that. In their pursuit for lucrative scoops under the banner of their self-appointed role of “guardians of truth and freedom”, the Media played a pivotal role not only in triggering the fatal descent into chaos of Mendoza’s hostage drama but also provided the world with a front-row look into the banal ineptness that has come to be associated (now even more indelibly) with the word “Filipino”.

To add insult to injury, the scene of the massacre was turned into macabre tourist spot by giddy sightseeing students!

There is much to be said about the need for better education and discipline in Philippine society. Free and rambunctious “citizen journalism” perverted into life-threatening entertainment by wannabe “influencers” is a blight on any modern society. People need to learn to check their sense of entitlement.

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