Risa Hontiveros quick to politicise police shooting incident without knowing the FACTS!

A shooting incident that led to the death of retired soldier Winston Ragos is, yet again, being turned into fodder for the Yellowtards’ police demonisation campaign.

Leading the charge is Yellowtard senator Risa Hontiveros who reportedly chimed in, pontificating that “The enemy is COVID-19, not our fellow Filipinos”.

Video footage of the incident, however, shows that the shooting was very likely a “clean” one consistent with statements reportedly issued by the Quezon City Police.

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“The police ordered Ragos to yield peacefully, but instead of heeding to a lawful order, he attempted to pull out his handgun prompting PMSg Florendo to disable Ragos who was rushed to the Commonwealth Hospital but was declared dead at 5:57 PM of the same date by Dr. Noli Rifareal,” QCPD said in a statement sent to

At this point, neither the police officer nor anyone at the scene knew what Ragos’s intentions or state of mind were.

Has Hontiveros ever experienced being in the shoes of a police officer in a standoff with a man he was not sure was armed or not who then turned around and motioned like he was going to pull out a gun? What would you have done?

Ragos was told stand down and drop flat on the ground. The police officer fired when Ragos turned around and reached into his bag.

Furthermore, people who say Ragos should’ve been shot on the leg don’t know what they are talking about. When you aim a gun at a person, you always aim it with the intent of stopping that person when and if you have to fire. You always aim at the biggest target in a person where the probability of an effective hit when you shoot is greatest. The biggest target in a person is the torso, specially the chest area.

A typical shooting range target always shows the intended target as the torso. There is no practice target that indicates targetting a limb.

People should check their facts first before issuing shrill opinions coloured by their obsolete biases against police officers.

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