Noynoy Aquino blamed Arroyo for six years and now criticises Duterte over things he could have done as president

If former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III spent six years of his term blaming his predecessor, he is now spending his retirement years criticising his successor. He’s been snubbing current President Rodrigo Duterte’s annual State of the Nation Addresses but does not miss any opportunity to take pot shots at his speeches after.

It’s bad form for a former President to criticise his successor. One can’t help but ask why he didn’t do something about the issues he thinks Duterte should be fixing. What did he do while he was at the helm? He just campaigned for the next election — the election they lost.

BS Aquino has the gall to tell Duterte what to do now after wasting six years of his term just blaming the past administrators especially former President Gloria Arroyo who he blamed in his speeches from Day One. He did it even after detaining Arroyo for five years on trumped-up charges.

Noynoy does not want to attend any of Duterte’s state of the nation address because Duterte makes him look incompetent. Just the same, Aquino always criticises Duterte after every one of his SONAs. He talks as if he is Yoda — fancying himself a wise master giving sound advice to his student. The bozo is delusional and vindictive.

Maria Ressa may end up behind bars thanks to a cybercrime law Noynoy Aquino signed! #DefendPressFreedom

Those who insist that the arrest of Maria Ressa is an “attack on press freedom” are being stupid for continuing to criticise someone you think has the power to lock you up. The fact that you are still free despite criticising him makes you look stupid as well.

Ressa wasn’t arrested because she criticised Duterte. She was arrested for a libel case against her over an article published on her online site. It was a private individual who filed the case, not Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Please check your facts.

Interestingly enough, Noynoy Aquino was the one who signed the cyber crime act into law. Maria Ressa was helping Noynoy oust the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona during his impeachment trial when her online site published the libelous article vs W Keng. Now she could be jailed using Noynoy’s cyber crime law. Oh the irony!

I’d be totally surprised if Noynoy speaks out against a law he fully endorsed during his term. The law is working to put an end to libellous acts of his own allies in mainstream media.

Noynoy Aquino’s long Tagalog “report” on Dengvaxia an INSULT to Filipinos’ intelligence!

As if making a long-winded statement in Tagalog will save his ass. It’s time to put Noynoy Aquino behind bars. He did a lot of damage by allowing his secretaries to run the show even when they were doing something illegal. This includes Butch Abad, Leila De Lima, and Dinky Soliman.

In their haste to organise a midnight deal in procuring Dengvaxia, for example, Noynoy and Abad did not anticipate any problems with the vaccine. They probably thought all going, well, no one would notice how fast they managed to secure a budget before stepping down from office.

Indeed, current President Rodrigo Duterte should use Noynoy’s usual excuse “done in good faith” every time the yellows criticise him. It’s good enough for them.

(See below images containing full statement of former President Noynoy Aquino)

All the YELLOWTARD honchos are together for #NeverAgain Day but nobody’s wearing YELLOW!

As usual, the Yellowtards are in yet another Mass for [insert pompous-sounding advocacy here]. In this one celebrated at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space, De La Salle University in the lead up to today’s “Grand Rally” to celebrate the “Martial Law Years” at the Luneta, no less than the Top Guns of Yellowtardom are busy praying for the cameras.

But, check it out: Nobody is wearing Yellow!

Holy out-of-costume Batman!

Not only did these “leaders” fail to wear yellow in keeping with a three-decade tradition of necropolitical narrative, they also did not follow the Millennials’ instructions to wear black. Indeed, the weather, in fact, provides today a once-in-a-lifetime opporunity to safely wear dark colours to a rally in the sweltering climate of Manila seeing that it’s been bucketing all afternoon.

These people need to come up with a new brand. Obviously the notion of a “Yellowtard” is becoming obsolete as well, evidently following in the footsteps of a narrative that has long been rendered obsolete by a far clearer picture Filipinos have gained of just how utterly dishonest this narrative had been for no less than three decades.

[Photo source: Rappler]