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Where is former President Noynoy Aquino??

It’s been days since former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III had checked into the Makati Medical Center. His spokesperson Abi Valte earlier explained this away as “a scheduled check up and a routine procedure”. But considering Aquino had reportedly been confined in that hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, more questions are being raised about the truth about his health.

Former President BS Aquino in healthier days

Back in August, Aquino was noticeably absent from ceremonies commemorating his father’s death anniversary. This prompted his celebrity sister Kris Aquino to issue a statement essentially confirming that, “He is sick. He is not okay. I’m not at liberty to say what’s wrong with him.”

Aquino in August this year.
(Source: The Daily Manila Shimbun)

Even more interesting is what seems to be a news blackout on the subject being perpetrated in an apparent collusion amongst the big corporate mainstream media channels. A quick Google search on the string “noynoy hospital” as of this writing reveals the most recent reports on the matter all consistently published five days ago.

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As of this writing too, the last statement from Aquino spokesperson Abi Valte on Twitter is just as old…

…and subsequent tweets are nothing more than chikas with her amigas.

As such, the mystery persists. Where is Noynoy Aquino? And, true to form and tradition, the response is a resounding, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

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