Noynoy Aquino’s long Tagalog “report” on Dengvaxia an INSULT to Filipinos’ intelligence!

As if making a long-winded statement in Tagalog will save his ass. It’s time to put Noynoy Aquino behind bars. He did a lot of damage by allowing his secretaries to run the show even when they were doing something illegal. This includes Butch Abad, Leila De Lima, and Dinky Soliman.

In their haste to organise a midnight deal in procuring Dengvaxia, for example, Noynoy and Abad did not anticipate any problems with the vaccine. They probably thought all going, well, no one would notice how fast they managed to secure a budget before stepping down from office.

Indeed, current President Rodrigo Duterte should use Noynoy’s usual excuse “done in good faith” every time the yellows criticise him. It’s good enough for them.

(See below images containing full statement of former President Noynoy Aquino)

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