Noynoy Aquino blamed Arroyo for six years and now criticises Duterte over things he could have done as president

If former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III spent six years of his term blaming his predecessor, he is now spending his retirement years criticising his successor. He’s been snubbing current President Rodrigo Duterte’s annual State of the Nation Addresses but does not miss any opportunity to take pot shots at his speeches after.

It’s bad form for a former President to criticise his successor. One can’t help but ask why he didn’t do something about the issues he thinks Duterte should be fixing. What did he do while he was at the helm? He just campaigned for the next election — the election they lost.

BS Aquino has the gall to tell Duterte what to do now after wasting six years of his term just blaming the past administrators especially former President Gloria Arroyo who he blamed in his speeches from Day One. He did it even after detaining Arroyo for five years on trumped-up charges.

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Noynoy does not want to attend any of Duterte’s state of the nation address because Duterte makes him look incompetent. Just the same, Aquino always criticises Duterte after every one of his SONAs. He talks as if he is Yoda — fancying himself a wise master giving sound advice to his student. The bozo is delusional and vindictive.

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