All the YELLOWTARD honchos are together for #NeverAgain Day but nobody’s wearing YELLOW!

As usual, the Yellowtards are in yet another Mass for [insert pompous-sounding advocacy here]. In this one celebrated at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space, De La Salle University in the lead up to today’s “Grand Rally” to celebrate the “Martial Law Years” at the Luneta, no less than the Top Guns of Yellowtardom are busy praying for the cameras.

But, check it out: Nobody is wearing Yellow!

Holy out-of-costume Batman!

Not only did these “leaders” fail to wear yellow in keeping with a three-decade tradition of necropolitical narrative, they also did not follow the Millennials’ instructions to wear black. Indeed, the weather, in fact, provides today a once-in-a-lifetime opporunity to safely wear dark colours to a rally in the sweltering climate of Manila seeing that it’s been bucketing all afternoon.

These people need to come up with a new brand. Obviously the notion of a “Yellowtard” is becoming obsolete as well, evidently following in the footsteps of a narrative that has long been rendered obsolete by a far clearer picture Filipinos have gained of just how utterly dishonest this narrative had been for no less than three decades.

[Photo source: Rappler]

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