Kris Aquino in a spiral of self-destruction because she is a spoilt brat

Kris Aquino doesn’t have foresight. She divulged her illness to the public in a futile effort to get sympathy. But she doesn’t realise companies will now have second thoughts using her as a product endorser. They need someone who has a healthy mind and body to represent them.

Not only will companies abandon Kris because she looks unhealthy, she also behaves like a criminal especially when she threatened to have her ex-business partner killed. Her excuse that she was only bluffing won’t work to appease the public because the recording says otherwise.

What Kris did to her ex-business partner Nicko Falcis – manipulating the narrative to get the public on her side – is proof that dishonesty and dirty tactics will always backfire. She is a victim of her own vindictiveness. This is something she inherited from her mother Cory.

The kind of environment Kris grew up in definitely affected her. She got used to getting what she wanted because the Filipino people used to show the family deference after years of being bombarded with propaganda they owe Ninoy and Cory their so-called “freedom”. From what exactly?

Cory Aquino actually sentenced the Filipino people to entire lifetimes of mediocrity and emo culture.

Kris Aquino: a casualty of Ninoy’s and Cory’s misguided poltical ambition

Kris Aquino is proof Cory should not have been and was not an effective President. Cory could not even raise her children well, what more run a country with millions of people? It should start at home. Cory failed at both – raising her children well and running a country.

Kris is a product of her upbringing. It’s obvious since she was a teenager that her mother could not control her. Cory practically gave up on her. She is a casualty of her parents being involved so deep in politics. They prioritised their ambitions over their children.

The Aquino brand of politics involved treachery and double crossing even their allies. This was why former Senator Enrile was compelled to launch a coup during Cory’s time. Cory was supposed to be temporary in her role, but she clung to power. Her former VP Laurel said so himself. Laurel even pointed out that the persistent and even worsened communist insurgency is a legacy of Cory Aquino’s rule.

We promised to ‘break the back’ of the insurgency. But what is the record? From 16,500 NPA regular when Marcos fell, the communists now claim an armed strength of 25,200, of which 2,500 are in Metro Manila. They have infiltrated not only the trade unions, the schools, the churches and the media but your government, above all, and now ‘affect’ 20 percent of the country’s 42,000 barangays, according to official statistics.

Worse of all, it seems Kris Aquino was even bragging about how her family is capable of killing anyone who crosses her. The anti-EJK yellows should be alarmed and outraged!

Kris Aquino “sick” and “victim” stunts no longer work as recordings of possible death threat vs Nicko Falcis go viral! #PABoost

The audio recording of Kris Aquino’s threat to Nicko Falcis proves she has become delusional to think the Filipino people will be behind her once she uses the “sick” and “victim” card. It also proved the Aquinos think the Philippines is their fiefdom. How many people have they had killed?!

It seems the audio recording of Aquino threatening to announce to the public and have Nicko Falcis killed is real because she did announce she has lupus and is even giving everyone a minutiae update of her medical “checkup”. Unfortunately, she can’t have Nicko killed now.

In the audio recording, we can hear someone, possibly one of Kris’s servants, gasping as she made threats to Falcis. It seems the people around her were also shocked at the level she went to. She sounded really desperate and was using her last ammo to try and stop her enemy.

Shocking recording of what sounds like Kris Aquino issuing death threats to Nicko Falcis emerges! #PABoost

If this video containing a recording of what sounds like Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino not just berating a certain “Nicko” but also threatening to have her family kill him, then a whole lot of people are in real trouble…

If that is indeed the Crazy Rich One in that recording, she is making it sound like her family — the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan — actually consists of the sorts of people who are capable of summarily murdering their enemies. Extrajudicially!

If so, people on the payroll of the Queen such as purported boy toy Gideon Pena and Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio should really be worried lest they cross Aquino — with potentially fatal consequences.

The wording of the death threats in the video are consistent with statements made by Falcis’s brother Jesus who, in an earlier statement, alleged that Aquino made such threats using the very same words. These allegations were neither confirmed nor denied by Aquino.

In her hospital photo, is the blood pressure cuff on Kris Aquino’s arm properly applied?

Keen observers have noted that a sensor wrapped around Kris Aquino’s arm in what many described as a publicity photo of her confined in what is supposedly a hospital in Singapore does not meet prescribed usage procedure.

The device appears to be a sphygmomanometer and instructions on the proper use of the cuff used to gather data for its readings are spelt out thus

Place the cuff over the bare upper arm with the artery mark positioned directly over the brachial artery. The bottom edge of the cuff should be positioned approximately one inch (2-3 cm) above the antecubital fold. Wrap the end of the cuff not containing the bladder around the arm snugly and smoothly and engage adhesive strips. To verify a correct fit, check that the Index Line falls between the two Range Lines.

Note: bare upper arm.

The cuff in Aquino’s photo is clearly wrapped around the sleeve of what appears to be her hospital gown. Could this photo be staged? Was Aquino really in a Singapore hospital when this photo was taken?

Questions are only now starting to pour in as more and more Filipinos learn to apply a critical mind to the information they see on the Net.

Kris Aquino lawyers issue threats of LIBEL lawsuits against media covering #PABoost scandal!

It seems Kris Aquino Inc is on the warpath and is mobilising its vast resource to crush the spread of information deemed damaging to the personal brand of the Crazy Rich One.

An excerpt from correspondence sent out by law firm Divina Law to various media organisations was featured in a report published by and exhibits the veiled threats issued by Aquino’s attorneys…

While we recognize your constitutional right to free speech, free expression and press freedom, we reiterate that Libel is not protected speech.

Thus, we caution you from airing or broadcasting these interviews without verifying the allegations or securing the side/explanation of our client.

Every defamatory imputation is presumed malicious (Article 354, Revised Penal Code).

Liability for defamatory statements published by radio or television may be had from the owner of the station, a licensee, the operator of the station, or a person who procures, or participates in, the making or caused the broadcast or publication of the defamatory statements.

Lawyer Jesus Falcis, brother and spokesman for Nicko, Aquino’s former business manager has since issued a statement denouncing Aquino’s crackdown on developing news surrounding her financial dealings with social media influencers (following excerpt also featured in the same report).

Kris Aquino’s attempt, through her lawyers, to intimidate and prevent the media from airing our side is like the last gasp of a delusional queen who is afraid of losing credibility and power because her fake image will be unmasked.

It can be noted that many of the Crazy Rich One’s purported business associates such as “legal consultant” Gideon Pena had gone silent since the scandal erupted. Some Netizens known to be rabid supporters of parties loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan such as a certain Mia Magdalena Longid, Registrar at the prestigious Brent International School, deactivated their Twitter account altogether.

Evidently, Aquino is fighting a PR battle on two fronts. One is the “bad cop” front being led by her lawyers described above and the other the sympathy front as shown in a recent photo of her in a Singapore hospital published on Instagram.

Indeed, a true media circus by all accounts as only the Queen of All Philippine Media could mount. But her efforts to “manage” this circus will undoubtedly have a chilling effect on the entire media industry.

According to Yellowtard “logic” James Deakin is also in Kris Aquino’s pocket!

Interestingly enough, a report published back in June of 2017 featured the Crazy Rich One going on a drive with Deakin.

And yet the Yellowtards were up in arms some time back over photos of TV personality James Deakin with Bongbong Marcos…

…enough, it seems, for Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog to launch a #PABoost-funded demonisation campaign against him. As of now, the Yellowtards continue to troll Deakin on Twitter among other social media platforms.

If we apply Yellowtard logic to the earlier scenario, you know, just to be consistent, what would you conclude?

There you go.

Rabid IRRATIONAL loyalty of @TeddyBoyLocsin to Kris Aquino on exhibit! #PABoost

It seems Teddy Boy Locsin’s loyalty to the Aquinos is making him irrational. Not all critics of Kris Aquino are “envious” as he asserts in a misguided and dishonestly-reported tweet. They are just pointing out the error of her ways particularly when it affects other people negatively. Kris has not set a good example to the youth even when she was young.

What’s there to be envious about? Her money cannot even buy her real friends. Her “looks” cannot even attract a good partner in life. What type of work does she do? Just product endorsements and acting here and there. How did she get her job? Old fashioned nepotism! No thanks.

The reason why Kris is in trouble now is because she is tactless and careless. She should have filed the proper case and waited for the judgement before speaking out against her ex-business manager. But she wanted to get public sympathy. Unfortunately, it backfired.

DISHONEST journalism: @Inquirerdotnet repackages @TeddyboyLocsin tweet on Kris Aquino #PABoost scandal into “news”

Trust the Inquirer to issue a dishonest and downright lazy “report” on the recently-raging issue of revelations surrounding Kris Aquino’s financial ties with Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and possibly other Netizens.

They classify their latest report under “Entertainment” and use the dishonest headline Kris Aquino’s critics just envious, says Locsin, which, evidently is meant to pass off a quote from a tweet issued by Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr as “news”.

MANILA, Philippines — Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Tuesday slammed critics attacking Actress Kris Aquino, saying: “People against Kris are just fucking envious of her wealth, her looks, her work ethic -She never stops working, her success and her pedigree. Period.”

Note too that the Inquirer editors seem to have allowed an article containing offensive words to pass approval for publication.

My virgin eyes! 😮

Indeed, “journalistic” standards are going down the tubes even within the Philippines’ premiere broadsheet and online news portal.

It’s no wonder Big Corporate Mainstream News Media are in the midst of a huge crisis of relevance and credibility. They no longer report the news objectively. They report the news selectively!

Of course James Deakin (@jdeakin72) is a victim of cyberbullying! #PABoost

Yellows have no evidence to support James Deakin is a “Marcos supporter” other than being photographed with BBM. Meanwhile, there is already proof their fave blogger Jover Laurio is being funded by Kris Aquino to ruin other people’s reputation.

Yellows and all anti-Marcos advocates cannot think straight anymore because they have been blinded by hate. Almost 40 years of mind conditioning by members of mainstream media allied with the Aquinos resulted in this. But only the gullible remain victim to the propaganda.

The silver lining here is that Yellow social climbers are falling one by one. This is good for Philippine society. The toxicity level on social media will go down. Some of them are too full of themselves. Kala mo kung sinong sosyal at maganda. Bakya naman.