Rabid IRRATIONAL loyalty of @TeddyBoyLocsin to Kris Aquino on exhibit! #PABoost

It seems Teddy Boy Locsin’s loyalty to the Aquinos is making him irrational. Not all critics of Kris Aquino are “envious” as he asserts in a misguided and dishonestly-reported tweet. They are just pointing out the error of her ways particularly when it affects other people negatively. Kris has not set a good example to the youth even when she was young.

What’s there to be envious about? Her money cannot even buy her real friends. Her “looks” cannot even attract a good partner in life. What type of work does she do? Just product endorsements and acting here and there. How did she get her job? Old fashioned nepotism! No thanks.

The reason why Kris is in trouble now is because she is tactless and careless. She should have filed the proper case and waited for the judgement before speaking out against her ex-business manager. But she wanted to get public sympathy. Unfortunately, it backfired.

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