Mainstream media silence on @PinoyAkoBlog #PABoost circus. They now lack credibility too!

Some major media outlets are trying their best to avoid writing about the Jover/Kris exposé because they don’t want to write anything negative about their allies. But they cannot avoid it forever since lawsuits against the two could be in the works. I hope James Deakin will pursue legal action.

Jover copped major karma for accusing us of being Marcos “paid hacks”. Turns out she is the one being paid by an Aquino to attack their perceived enemies and anyone they think is associated with them like Deakin.

Their only “proof” is a photo with BBM, in Deakin’s case…tsk tsk. If we follow their logic, then everyone who is in a photo with the Aquinos or any LP member is an LP paid hack themselves. She can pretend everything is fine, but she’s done. She has zero cred.

Jover Laurio’s #PABoostNga victim James Deakin (@jdeakin72) urges media to call out @PinoyAkoBlog dishonesty!

Motoring TV personality and blogger James Deakin who was a victim of a vicious online attack by Jover Laurio is calling on mainstream media to rectify damage done to his reputation. In the Facebook post where he made the call, Deakin even hinted that there is enough material for a proper lawsuit against Laurio…

But morally bankrupt bloggers aside (my lawyer can have fun with her) what I would like to know, however, is why the mainstream media—who were so quick to legitimize the troll attack by publishing stories back then when there was actually no story to write (they just rode off the artificial buzz generated by the funded attack and leaped in to get some hits) are now silent now that there is actual hard evidence, receipts and a confession that show it was all one big sham. A paid hit. A funded defamation campaign.

Weeks have passed since revelations surfaced that Laurio had used at least 18,000 in funding possibly from no less than Kris Aquino herself, Queen of All Philippine Media and the Crazy Rich One embodied, to boost links to articles attacking Deakin published on her Pinoy Ako Blog. However, substantial coverage of this case has yet to come out from mainstream news media.

People in the “journalism” industry need to own up to their being willing accomplices in this appalling unfair demonization campaign driven by dishonest people!

Jover Laurio not being TRANSPARENT about Kris Aquino’s funding of @PinoyAkoBlog is dishonest!

What’s wrong with accepting funding? Accepting funding is not “evil”. What is wrong with what Jover Laurio did was she was not transparent about it. She should have informed her readers that her blogs are being sponsored by Kris Aquino. Instead she had the nerve to accuse others of being paid.

No, we should not let Jover and Kris get away with what they did. Jover pretended to be clean and independent, when in fact she got help from Kris to boost her exposure. She also has a graphic artist helping her. Kris, for her part, was being two-faced. Both are hypocrites.

Jover said Kris was not aware of the funding given to her by Falcis to boost her blogs, but Kris admitted to giving her approval to funding the boost. Looks like Jover has been caught lying again. Kris is trying to save her ass and Jover is now a liability.

Kris Aquino neither confirms nor denies that she issued death threats against Nicko Falcis following #PABoost revelations!

As of this writing, this report published by ABS-CBN News provides the most recent information about a position the Crazy Rich One has taken on the matter of her falling out with her business manager Nicko Falcis.

This follows brouhaha over her former friend Gretchen Barretto taking the side of Falcis on that matter. Aquino, however, merely sidesteps the issue and, true to form, defers to her illustrious pedigree…

In this issue, I shall choose to look back on the year 1986. Gretchen may dislike me now, but she campaigned for my mom against the Marcoses. Dedma na sa pagtingin niya sa akin

You didn’t answer the questions ma’am.

Neither do the armies of bottom-feeding social media “influencers” whose shrill voices once filled the Net’s political discourse.

Emerging info on Kris Aquino’s financial links with lawyer @GideonPena – #PABoostNga

More leaked screenshots seem to point to a strong financial link between lawyer Gideon Pena and the Crazy Rich One herself, Kris Aquino. According to some sources, Pena is retained as “legal consultant” to Aquino allegedly to the tune of 100,000 pesos. But speculation is rife that the scope of this contract (which, reportedly, is held to an “iron-clad” non-disclosure agreement (NDA)) goes beyond legal services.

Back in mid-2018, supposed “flirting” between Pena and Aquino was causing a stir in the showbiz fan community leading the Inquirer to pose the question: Is romance brewing between Kris Aquino and Atty. Gideon Peña?

Peña took to his Instagram last June 28 where he shared a photo of him posing in front of an ivy-covered wall, and a screenshot of his own tweet that said, “Bakit hindi na [lang] tayo?” (Why can’t it be just the two of us?)

It was Aquino’s reply that brought many of her fans to kilig mode, as she commented, “Atty G — if this is for me, wait lang please — I’m shooting for @samsungph now… but if it’s not — she’s a very lucky girl. (Sorry ha, the original Twitter posts were already sent to me by several people & this now popped up on my phone. Change of setup so I got to check IG).”

Was it all for show? Is Pena even into girls (not that there’s anything wrong with not being into girls) to begin with?

Oh, and did we mention too that Pena along with his “kuya”, Inquirer columnist Gideon Lasco are in bed with Yellowtard senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay?

And, most SHOCKING of all, did we mention that Pena is also a member of “senator” Antonio Trillanes’s legal team (note by the way, attorney Pena, apostrophe-“s” after a name ending with an “s”)??

Well now we mentioned it.

Abangan and susunod na kabanata

Alleged leaked screenshots reveal possible funding of @PinoyAkoBlog by Kris Aquino Inc!

What appear to be screenshots of Facebook Messenger chats between Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and Nicko Falcis have emerged. The conversations supposedly between Laurio and Falcis seem to involve instructions and confirmation to “boost” (pay Facebook for extra exposure on users’ timelines) Laurio’s articles published on her site Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB).

The screenshots were made public on Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook page For the Motherland starting with this one

Sasot further reveals that each boost costs Php3000…

…and that “Nicko” supplies Laurio with credit cards used to fund these Facebook boosts…

Nicko Falcis is an entrepreneur and is credited with the establishment of TV personality Kris Aquino as a major “digital star” as managing director of Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). Falcis has since had a falling out with Aquino after the latter filed a “qualified theft” complaint against him in October 2018.

According to a statement released by his brother, lawyer Jesus Falcis, Nicko remains in the US and has yet to answer the charges. The falling out, according to Jesus, was likely a result of demands being made by Aquino that went beyond what Nicko was able to physically deliver. See the full video of the statement delivered by Jesus Falcis here.

Yellowtard vs Yellowtard! Will Jover Laurio beat Jesus Falcis in the appeal-to-emotion game?

Yellowtards are currently in turmoil as their two top social media personalities Falcis and Laurio duke it out on social media for the favours of the broader community of Yellowtardom. Who’s gonna win?

The answer to that has nothing to do with who’s right or wrong or who makes better sense than the other. The thing to remember here is that both of them are Yellowtards. That alone makes it quite certain that, regardless of who ends up on top of this circus, Philippine society will end up none the wiser nor incrementally more intelligent as a collective.

After all, it’s Falcis’s word against Laurio’s. Words coming from two known Yellowtard liars (these two words naturally belong together in most sentences) are worth jack shit, really. The only winners in this mudslinging contest will be the spectators. Yellowtards live by the circus and are dying by the circus.