Kris Aquino “sick” and “victim” stunts no longer work as recordings of possible death threat vs Nicko Falcis go viral! #PABoost

The audio recording of Kris Aquino’s threat to Nicko Falcis proves she has become delusional to think the Filipino people will be behind her once she uses the “sick” and “victim” card. It also proved the Aquinos think the Philippines is their fiefdom. How many people have they had killed?!

It seems the audio recording of Aquino threatening to announce to the public and have Nicko Falcis killed is real because she did announce she has lupus and is even giving everyone a minutiae update of her medical “checkup”. Unfortunately, she can’t have Nicko killed now.

In the audio recording, we can hear someone, possibly one of Kris’s servants, gasping as she made threats to Falcis. It seems the people around her were also shocked at the level she went to. She sounded really desperate and was using her last ammo to try and stop her enemy.

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