Kris Aquino has isolated herself and is dragging the entire Philippine Opposition down with her

The so-called “queen of media” Kris Aquino is on her own. Her supporters like Jover Laurio can’t even come to her defence because they are also shocked at the revelation she threatened to have Nicko Falcis killed. Her own defence is weak and lame. She won’t get out of this one unscathed.

Kris can no longer lean on the “legacy” and “heroism” of her parents. She and her brother Noynoy have irreversibly tarnished their once-illustrious pedigree.

No, Ninoy and Cory Aquino are not heroes. They actually sentenced the Filipino people to decades of mediocrity and were responsible for introducing emo culture in Philippine society. Their family is dysfunctional. They are full of drama. The Filipino people deserve better.

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Worse, the Aquinos took all of the Opposition down with them. They have contributed to an almost certain loss of their coalition at the polls. No amount of tantrums on the part of Kris can change that.

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